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WWW. Meatballs and Ratatouille.

Sadly the pudding didn’t turn out quite as I wanted it to, so it won’t be featured. :(

Meatballs and ratatouille.

This recipe should yield even if the ingredients aren’t very high quality. 153 more words

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WWW. Chicken and Peas, Home-Made Ice-Cream.

Been a little run down lately and the FF is on hold until my arm is better, so here’s what we had on Wednesday.

Recipe 1: Chicken and Pea Fry. 223 more words

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Sticky date coconut cake

Where there is a celebration, there is a cake !!

What better reason to celebrate than embracing the lovely fall season and welcoming the snowy winters ? 728 more words

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Showcasing some proud creations from the house of Divine Spice Box - reminiscing some stepping stones of this enriching culinary journey taken by Divine Spice Box :)

WWW. Liver, Meat and Potato Pies and Blackberry Pudding.

Pies are kind of hard to get right, but I’m really pleased with these ones!

And the pudding is hard-work, but not too complicated.

Recipe 1: Liver, Meat and Potato Pie. 359 more words

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Time-Saver: Microwave Jam.

Yup. Jam. In the microwave.

This is brilliant for several reasons. Firstly, it lets you easily use a small haul of fruit that you don’t want to eat raw, for example due to bitterness or dryness. 170 more words

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WWW. Paella de Marisco and Apple Muffins.

Something Spanish and something from the recent Sainsbury’s “Live Well For Less” mag.

Recipe 1: Paella de Marisco.

For a paella and a fish dish, this is cheap and fairly simple. 240 more words

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South Indian spiced Onion Dip

Indian cuisine is never complete without its complimentary condiments. With options running into a few hundreds at least, there is always room for some new chutney/sauce to give a go. 652 more words

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