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Power of deciding

Decide to change

One of the most impactful and important things that you can do to get yourself closer to living the life you desire is a decision. 440 more words

Jason Graciano

Fish Baiting Tips

Enjoying fishing is easy for anyone that tries it out and the great thing about it is that you don’t need to be great at it in order to have fun and to relax. 10 more words

Your focus

A woman who doesn’t think about baking an apple pie is not going to research the recipe- first you need to make the decision to make apple pie. 355 more words

Jason Graciano

Doing Everything Right and Still Getting Nowhere

You went to school, got a degree, even worked through college, wrote a brilliant thesis, studied long and hard in order to keep your grades up, did a little bit of extracurricular work on your school’s paper, perhaps joined a few other clubs and maybe even a fraternity or sorority, yet still you’re wondering why you’re working at that crappy burger joint, underpaid and overworked. 308 more words