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What do you want?

I have decided to let you choose some recipes for me to makeover and make healthier….I’ve already received a request for a pecan pie makeover (which is definitely a challenge)!  46 more words

Meatless Monday ~ Spicy Sloppy Mushroom Sliders

I was presented with a challenge from Meatless Monday & The Mushroom Council called the Mushroom Makeover Challenge. The task was to take a family-favorite recipe and make it healthier by making it over with mushrooms. 558 more words

The Mountain Kitchen Recipes

Recipe Makeover: Taking a Recipe From 228 Calories Down To 206, 174, 133

I’m fat, and I’m a foodie. I’m one of those people who is very skeptical of skinny chefs: if you’re around good food all day, how can you be skinny??? 555 more words

Full Fat vs Full Fit Blueberry Bundt Cake

Hey, hey, hey!!

Full Fat Vs Full Fit

The series of “Versus Posts”, that start with today’s Full Fat vs Full Fit Blueberry Bundt Cake, is with the intent of showing that when you live a healthy diet you can “make your cake and eat it too”. 388 more words