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Chocolate Bacon Bark

One of the first savory cupcakes I ever made was a maple bacon cupcake. It’s a maple cupcake with maple buttercream, topped with a piece of crispy bacon; it’s the epitome of sweet and salty. 377 more words

Alison Riede

Morning Update

I have just downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker to create my project description video for the Kickstarter.  Now that I have a way to make movies be prepared to watch me in the kitchen as I test recipes and show the world how to make wondrous foods. 15 more words


Apple Pithivier

Almost a month ago I made an apple pithivier for my DAR chapter birthday party, because I almost always like to show up everyone else. There. 423 more words

Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf with Coconut Oil

The island of my kitchen is a mountain of name-change papers, cookbooks, recipe clippings, a “fruit bowl” holding dried peppers and papery onion skins, a nearly empty wine bottle, banana loaf crumbs, a planner open to last week, a Guggenheim-shaped mug containing an inch of tepid coffee. 907 more words


Odds and Ends

1. First off, I made Poached Cod with Tomato and Saffron  from the January 2014 issue of Bon Appetit. For a weeknight meal it was very easy and quite delicious. 179 more words

Double Chocolate and Vanilla Peek-A-Boo Cake

It was sometime last year when I first met the concept of peek-a-boo cake. I remember seeing those little cupcakes with hearts in the middle, wondering how the heck they did that, and setting to work trying to figure it out. 772 more words


Blackberry Pretzel Cheesecake Ice Cream

What is it with Americans and raspberry sauce? Even today, when I think of a berry sauce, I imagine it curtained over a previously frozen cheesecake slice with a mushy graham cracker crust and a glossy bloom of canned whipped cream. 1,034 more words