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Wedding Prep!

Hi all!

So I’ve just started preparation for the wedding next weekend. Today I made the gingerbread dough ready for later in the week, this way all I have to do in roll, cut and bake. 565 more words


Green Baby food

My parents were visiting the past couple of days, so I did not dive into a huge project. Because I did not do a project this week, I thought it would be fun to post one of my baby food recipes. 164 more words

Baby Girl

Pancakes are great as a quick grab and go breakfast. Take a look at these 44 mouthwatering gluten free pancakes recipes. I find #40 to be the most yummy! 19 more words


Asian Steamed Buns (with TVP filling)

The Japanese call them Nikuman.  In China they’ve been making them for centuries and calling them things like mantou and bazoi.  As a kid I played video games like Warriors of Fate where these filled buns were health power ups, which is the main reason I was first interested in making these buns several years ago in my pre-vegan days.  858 more words


Gluten-free pasta is widely available and they are just as easy to cook as normal pasta. Check out these 24 delicious gluten free pasta recipes. #23 is seriously delicious! 16 more words


Homemade Hot chocolate & Chips Ahoy!

Do you ever make homemade hot chocolate? I don’t mean with cocoa powder (although I do love this too!); I’m talking about adding real chocolate pieces to warm milk. 256 more words


Chocolate Sugar Cookies

The weather is getting cooler and the colors are changing and more get togethers seem to be happening. You know what this means?! Baking season! TJ has already made his first loaf of bread! 425 more words