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Fantastic Fudge


300ml Milk

300g Caster sugar

100g Butter

1tsp Vanilla Extract


1. Melt together the butter, sugar and milk in a large pan on a low heat. 62 more words


Sunday Morning Musings

I remember when I would dread Sunday mornings. The thought of getting everyone up for church at the crack of dawn so you could rush through breakfast (if you even had time); get dressed-up in uncomfortable dress clothes; fight for bathroom time; make sure everyone has their bible/notebooks/offering-money, etc. 239 more words


Day 25 - food plan for the week

Happy Sunday everyone also known as nap day. I do love a good Sunday nap!

So as you know I went to the dietician last weekend and I’ve finally sorted out a meal plan from the guidance she gave me. 204 more words

Chewy Salted Caramels

One of my favourite lollies as a kid were Werther’s Originals – back when you could only get them in the hard variety, and each smooth, glossy butterscotch was individually wrapped in a golden, crisp cellophane. 501 more words


Latte Made Affordable.

Sometimes it’s hard to justify spending $4.08CAD on a cup of latte @Starbucks (probably more elsewhere), when you can spend that same dollar amount on a carton of (soy) milk to make yourself… 196 more words


Kale Green Smoothie

This smoothie is really good in the autumn and winter time when the kale and citrus are in season.

2 cups of chopped kale… 85 more words


Mixed Spiced Nuts

So as I commented before I now have a puppy which has taken most of my time since xmas….. Cuddling on the sofa is obviously far more important than typing random ramblings about food…. 192 more words