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Sugar Baby!

When I first started school at IIN one of the first foods I experimented with in my diet was sugar. It had such a huge impact right away, I felt so much better with it not in my diet. 256 more words


The Story of the Giant Easter Bread & Answer Me This #2

So, folks, it’s Sunday (I wrote this on Saturday, but didn’t have time between when the link-up went up Sunday morning and uhhh…Wednesday morning apparently to add the links and finally post… Oops!) Wednesday again and I plan on milking this… 1,235 more words

Final Week

Spring has finally come to the inland northwest. Around here that means going from sunshine to sleet in 20 minutes and fluctuating between freezing and 60°F throughout the day! 289 more words


Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins

I’m behind in my blogging, between Easter and then work, I’ve got a few recipes I need to get posted so we’ll see how I do over the next few days.  228 more words


Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lauren Fowler, Private Practice

There are lots of RDs/RDNs that dream of one day opening their own private practice and working for themselves. Lauren Fowler, RDN, LD, CLT has made that dream a reality with her business… 1,125 more words


Welcome to staystrongandhealthyy!

 Healthy pancakes!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Emily and I’m a fifteen year old girl trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle! I have an instagram ( 72 more words