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Poem of the Day

Tom Hiddleston reading “As I Walked Out One Evening”, a poem by WH Auden.




You wanted to be so hungry, you would break into branches,

and have to choose between the starving month’s


nineteenth, twenty-first, and twenty-third evenings.

The liturgy begins to echo itself and why does it matter?

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The Center of All Beauty

Almost thirty years ago, a friend gave this poem and told me, “This reminds me of you.” I have carried it all this time. I’ve tucked it into my journal, pinned it on corkboards, hung it in cubicles, magnated it to refrigerators. 177 more words

Famly Istry - a dialect tale for recitation

Av spen a forchun on th’ancestry dot com an due gnaw, a thowt uz ad gee it a shot an see whur a cum from an ju gnaw, a reckon uz it’s bin a big werst ont brass acoz well, a thowt ad look up mi feyther’s famly an all bu weeyad these ear photers like an my warf said tummy: “what’s yer dadz feyther doin in yon pitcher?” anna sez to ur “well luv yer see that’s none me dad’s feyther, it’s his Uncle Willie” an she sez “well it mun be iz feyther acoz hiz urz the same an iz face an aw” an ju gnaw a reckon az she’s rate an aw. 389 more words