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Toilet? I’d Tap That

Ok, not really.

I have a confession.  I took an extra-long shower this morning, even though I know I shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing during a drought.  369 more words


Reclamation. Skagit, WA

Reclamation. Skagit, WA
I have been going through more of Dulce’s images this morning and this one struck me. And it has not one tulip! Springtime in the Skagit valley and the little sun we have had has turned many fields into blooms and vigor. 38 more words

Mine Closure: New Ideas & Practice: EduMine Webcast and InfoMine Conference.

More is said about mine closure than is done about mine closure.  Will they ever close Giant and Faro?  I doubt it.  Still if the topic interests you, here a few upcoming events. 423 more words


Risk Assessment of Mine Closure According to MEND and the Oil Sands

The general approach to undertaking a risk assessment is well described in International Standard IEC/ISO 31010, which also provides considerable information about risk assessment methods. It notes, however: “The standard does not provide specific criteria for identifying the need for risk assessment, nor does it specify the type of risk analysis method that is required for a particular application.”


Canadian Contaminated Site Cleanup Bill Soars---Mining Not to Blame.

Below is a report that hit my email inbox today.  I repeat in full, not because mines are the main culprit, but because mines are probably NOT the main culprit.  1,070 more words

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Mormon Women Bare

The bravery of body-positivity is what makes it so incredibly beautiful. Mormon Women Bare is a photo project started by Katrina Barker Anderson. Her work consists of nude photos of Mormon women- both those who have left and still participate in the church. 353 more words

Mining Cold Covers and Quebec Celebrate

Today’s defeat of separationists and essentially racialist nationalists in Quebec is to be welcomed.  Even more so as today at the Cold Covers conference in Whistler two young engineers from Quebec were the bright stars of events.  302 more words

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