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Reclamation of Barren Land  

  • A person who reclaims barren land may own it if it was not owned by another person. Cultivation of barren land is encouraged unless it jeopardizes public interest (narrows a road or reduces the size of the village market).
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Creating Green Spaces from Landfill - The New Utopia?

I have been accused of being earnest and an idealist. The implication being I’m some sort of shiny-eyed optimist who believes we can mitigate humanities ravages of the planet by making everyone plant milkweed for butterflies. 452 more words


The Silent Destruction of a South China Sea Coral Reef

In an article published today (21/10/2014) the SCMP details how a disputed reef in the South China Sea has been transformed into the largest island in the… 357 more words


John Ford - The Searchers (1956)

One of Ford’s best films, with a great role for John Wayne. The text is reclamation, and the subtext who warrants it − and how morality is relative, and, if not exposed by, is aware of, guilt.  33 more words

Hendrik Slegtenhorst

Investor eyes reclamation of Sta- Ana-Times Beach foreshore in Davao City


A foreign investor has proposed to the Davao City government a reclamation project covering foreshore areas that run from the Sta. Ana Wharf in the Sta. 776 more words

Davao City

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The Li'l Flea Market

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. The first word that comes to your mind when you hear the two words – Flea Market! A pop up or a bazaar, set up mostly by people who do not have their own shop, to sell their products at dirt cheap price. 459 more words



It’s been a fine four day break from the routine, but my life with the store is calling; a small nagging voice that I know brings such happiness when I indulge it. 527 more words

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