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10 ways to know if you are a recluse.

Have you ever attempted a Top 10 List? Neither have I, but I thought I would give it a go today. There is a problem with this idea, a very large problem. 464 more words


Making noise in the morning.

Here I am, up at sunrise again on a Saturday morning and I don’t know how much noise I can make. I know that my neighbor downstairs is an early riser but I don’t think he gets up quite as early as I usually do. 664 more words

Society! You Crazy Breed!

The society discombobulates me. We all want a prudent society, a sagacious one. We want to live in a world which is not discerning and judgemental. 330 more words

It's Like Having A Mid-Life Crisis...

The problems with my mental health, this depression/ disorder thing can lead to strange behavior. You hear about people that come to a point in their life where they do odd things, I feel like that all the time. 634 more words

Mental Health

“Why do many people not understand discussions about spiritual things? It is due to a thickening of their heart. When their heart is full of attachments to earthly things, it grows coarse, as is said: He grew fat, he became thick and broad (Deut.

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My Little Recluse

I’m blessed to be a work from home mom. Well, everyone tells me I’m blessed at any rate. Some days when Sister is crying, I have a stack of paper work to do, and the phone won’t quit ringing I do not feel at all blessed. 677 more words