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Isolato, the new word for powerful introvert.

I have found a middle ground on the gym, which I wrote about in a previous post. After several visits, I have come to know when the gym is mostly empty, and this is when I go. 502 more words


the giving of art, the preserving of artist

When you are a creative, and are publicly available, sharing yourself becomes a part of the job. There will be times when you want to close yourself off from the noise and distractions and from the extra voices and opinions. 586 more words



The smell of filter coffee and the hissing of the idli cooker woke her up. Home away from home. Where none of her devices seem to work. 664 more words


Those who seek people, those who avoid people

I’m a writer and an introvert. A very non-volatile combination if there ever was one. If you can’t figure me out, you’re not alone.

I’m one of those terrible “avoiders.” I purposefully go out of my way to avoid people I know. 564 more words

Indie Author


every now and then – quite frequently – i hibernate. i become a recluse – a psychologist might call it ‘mental hygiene’. i call it ‘not fit for human consumption’. 164 more words



A little slow over week 2.  But still steady.

Starting week 3 off with a total of 5.8lbs lost, 37.2lbs to go.  Feeling great.

Top 3 accomplishments of 2015 (21-day recap): 30 more words

Old Man

The more I stay inside, away from everyone else, even in my room to avoid the people I live with, the better I feel. Less things to hate, get annoyed at and the more I can occupy my time with things to distract myself from morbidity of my thoughts. 550 more words

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