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Sent to Ch'ao, the Palace Reviser by Meng Hao-jan

You polish words in rue-scented libraries,
and I live in bamboo-leaf gardens, a recluse

wandering every day the same winding path
home to rest in the quiet, no noise anywhere. 34 more words


Midnight man in Bambalapitiya

Midnight man

sleeps with his eyes wide open to the mockery.

His head inside the last remaining drop of that one, long gone moment of clarity… 93 more words


The Tragicomedy of Errs, Part 1

Picture, if you will, a woman torn apart by fear. Every moment spent in the company of others, a strain on her psyche. Born with a heightened sense of empathy and lacking the ability to understand normative social interactions, she goes each day – each week – each year of her young life wanting to be close to others but unable to withstand the brutality of their emotions. 751 more words


Hiding in the House

I’m completing my graduate certificate online. In some ways, it’s great: I get less anxiety interacting with my peers and teachers, I create my own schedule (for the most part), and I don’t have to put on pants to go to school! 497 more words

My Life

Pinteresting or Interesting? Which are you?

If you were a random stranger who followed me on Pinterest, you’d think I was a well-traveled, artistic, well dressed, professional chef with perfectly chiseled abs. 250 more words

Tech Addiction


Behind closed door,

I rotate inside

the room

with four

mossy walls.

Climbing them,

with my visions

of past.

Window kept


for distractions

to stop. 37 more words


The Business of the Recluse


The recluse is he who
loves nature more than man
for man is arrogant
and nature is natural

the recluse cares not for
the politics of civilization… 138 more words