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The Recluse, the Rott, and the Runaway - Part Five

And here we are with the penultimate part of this novella. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ve become way too close to this story and I’ve been having a hard time just seeing whether I think it’s good or not. 4,279 more words


The Recluse, the Rott, and the Runaway - Part Four

So now we’re up to Part Four of my serial novella, and I’m happy to announce that the story is finished at this point. I’m considering when best to release the remaining two parts, but probably by the end of this week is how it’ll shuffle out. 4,329 more words



Reading over this poem I’m forced to face how perpetually I play on words. Gentle reader, if it appears there may be a double or triple meaning to almost any word I choose to use in any poem, I probably meant it that way. 36 more words



From behind the glass window,

he watches the world go by;

turns back and sees her smiling,

but he knows it’s just an act she put on… 67 more words


The Recluse, the Rott, and the Runaway - Part Three

So I may have misinformed some of you. What I originally thought I could wrap up in about 10,000 words, or three posts, is turning out not so small. 3,353 more words


Emily Dickinson on life, not death

Hello, and welcome to SK.

April, as we know is National Poetry Month, and we’re going to share some of my poems as well as others. 609 more words


The Recluse, the Rott, and the Runaway - Part Two

This is a short story broken up into three parts. There are no supernatural, science fiction, or fantasy elements. It’s a personal tale of limitation and acceptance, and of knowing when enough is just enough. 4,051 more words