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“I’m a mess. I’m a mess. I’m a mess.”

If this sounds familiar, you will probably be able to relate to this post, if not, well, you might just learn something.   336 more words

Does it show?

I’m not the best people person ever. Over the years I’ve gotten really really good at faking it, and from jobs I’ve had I’m good at lying (not in a harmful way) and can talk my way through and around most situations. 386 more words


Compared to Sylvia Plath

When having a conversation with friends this past weekend I mentioned how close I am to publishing my book. I thought about publishing under a pen name as it is not my typical genre but decided that I wanted all my work, no matter what it was, to be in my own name. 485 more words

~ Hungry Souls ~

~ Hungry Souls ~

Some, live their whole lives famished;
Love, loyalty, dedication, devotion
Crossed their paths on occasion
But didn’t linger long enough
To satiate these hungry souls… 56 more words


It Just Keeps Going...

Another crap day at the start of this crap week to start of this crap month that will be just as crap as the last. I am having one of those times where it is just one thing after another. 532 more words

Mental Health

~ Lady Luna and I ~

~ Lady Luna and I ~

Lady Luna in brilliance glowing
Illuminating a sable sky
I wonder are you lonely
Lonely, just like I?

Yes, the stars and galaxies… 133 more words


The sweetness of solitude

I’ve always treasured solitude so much. Yet it was a mystery to me — humans are born social creatures. Other people liven up the atmosphere, interaction can take place, jokes can be exchanged and meaningful talks can materialize. 1,357 more words