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In the Realms of the Unreal

directed by Jessica Yu

This amazing documentary/animation feature recounts the tale of Henry Darger, a reclusive janitor in a Chicago hospital who spent his nights collecting artwork, drawing, and writing a 15-30,000 page tome of fantastical work by himself in solitude. 526 more words


Pain. Pain. And More pain.

Let’s see where did we leave off?

Oh that’s right! I had to put on a hospital gown and get lanced after having numerous shots into my back inside of the brown recluse bite. 619 more words

Has Scott lost the plot?

A few years ago I was introduced to the god like genius of Scott Walker via a TV Documentary called 30th Century Man. I’d heard the name before and knew that David Bowie had covered his song… 644 more words



I woke around 05:30 today, this is ok by current sleeping standards-I fell asleep around 22:45 last night so I’ve a few hours sleep. I recall seeing Clare in my dreams but not much more about them. 250 more words

Crisis Revelations. Mining the Dregs of Resolve.

Crisis Revelations. Mining the Dregs of Resolve.

I am on the cusp of change. Not yet sure in which direction but I thought I would capture the essence before I lapse again into plodding without looking where I’m going. 1,013 more words

On Speaking And Writing

of epiphanies

So where were we? Talking about the things people do when they’re drunk, which was really fun, but I have to tell you what happened on day two. 976 more words



Yes…apparently, I’m finding creative ways to insert my name as part of existing words and I’m doing this with complete confidence and pride.

Starting in my 20’s, I’ve labeled myself quite a few words that all fall under the umbrella of anti-socialism.   663 more words