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January's highlights!

That’s 31 days of 2015 done! Who would have thought it would have gone by that fast? It always scares me how fast a month can past, you keep your head down for a bit and bam, a month’s gone. 1,015 more words


Being a Social Snail

In an attempt to blog more this year, I’m going to blog on the last day of every month as well as keep blogging every Tuesday.

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Eleven bright summers have passed,

The days I knew you by your laugh.

With the weight of eleven dark winters,

The nights you fell into and became. 56 more words


Last of 2014

As we near 2015, many of us try to recall the negatives. The people we need to break free from, the actions we must desist from. 51 more words

Violin's Poem

by: Rebecca Taylor, as told by the violin (short story version of this called A Musical Memory, previously published by Perspectives Magazine)

Under the brightness of the spotlight… 267 more words


The Southern Paradigm

“Here at the Mississippian’s southernmost point of native soil, one had to recall what inland Mississippi was like, how people in its small town (or even in larger towns like Meridian and Jackson and Columbus) related inward to family life, kinfolks, old friendships and hatred.

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Globetrotting my homeland! (Not really)

Heads up! This one’s a lengthy one! Don’t worry though, there are tons of photos to entertain you throughout :-)

Small life update before I start rambling on how I spent my day as a tourist in my own country (because i’m cool and stuff) 2,600 more words