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Sometimes I enjoy flipping through my passport whenever I happen to come across it. It expires in four more years – enough time, hopefully, to cover more of the pages printed with patriotic scenes from the American romance with stamps and make them ragged. 816 more words

Time and Tide

“That’s it! I am done sitting alone at home”, were the words of a girl in pyajama looking at the clock, the laptop and the mess around her. 532 more words

Daily Dodges

nights like these

its quiet inside my ears
thoughts play memories like home movies.

bypassing noise, voices I hear
ask me what I think I’m doing.

thinking of this. 30 more words


Love grows

Sometimes when I look at you and see you smiling, it’s like strings tug at my face to reciprocate that smile. And then I wonder, within this world of where people you meet come and go like the pennies you flip into a fountain hoping for wishes to come true, what is the possibility that you can meet someone that can do that to you everyday and more? 81 more words



This memory was from a while back, but seeing as I have switched sites… I still wanted this piece to be here.

It’s always these unexpected moments that I never would think come that eventually do come knocking in the end. 220 more words


Hyacinth Emotions

Believe it or not, but hyacinths have the power of turning back the hands of time for me. When I see them, they take me back to my early childhood and one particular day of the year. 128 more words


Memories of a Singaporean Kid Part II: Yishun

I loved many things while growing up in Singapore. There were many places that held fond memories for me as a child as i got up to various antics that troubled my parents to no end. 404 more words