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After thirteen weeks of sleepless nights, tears, sweat, hard work and love, Recollection is finally here.

It’s been an incredibly long and draining experience, but also one of the most rewarding. 47 more words



She put herself

Upon the mantle shelf

An ex inhibited

For all to show

The very thing

That she herself

Had quite forgot

To know so long ago… 42 more words


From the Journal

Adam shall not be stronger than Jesus.  I do not fear me.  I despise the me I’ve made, but I do not fear.  I trust you.  12 more words


I am wrung dry
A shifting soul… place to place, task to task, face to face.
– 2008


A Moment Re-Called: Chp.1: David Edward Allen and the pear tree

Memory. Its power is in the stories constructed from the human psyche. This ability to transmit complete recollections through the fragments, which we recognise as our own consciousness, finds a way to attach itself to every little thing we have contact with. 322 more words

Contemporary Art

The Cedar Run Experience, Part 18

I got a break from the weather, frozen days and nights brightening into a Sunday morning with the temperature rising toward the low 40s. I drove to Cedar Run and steered gently toward the headwaters over the icy lane of mud and gravel. 493 more words

The Song of Orpheus

Hear me, Eternal ferryman, you who with your boat,

Takes each mortal across when their dues have been paid,

I sing to you of the sun, the stars and the sky blue, 1,330 more words