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Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader [semi-Review]

So, I had a semi-Narnian-marathon with my friend last night. Sitting on the couch, eyes glued to the screen, at times when I glanced over, I often chuckled at her every expression in response to each of the exciting, sad, happy, and devastating parts of the film. 424 more words


Inspired by the art of Andrei Belichenko



 I waited by the thick wooden fence

I’m not sure why

I think it was a time to pause

as recollection passed me by



April 2014

Tai ©2013

Awesome Daily #20: Finally recalling a word

Just yesterday, I stumpled upon a psychological phenomenon that all of us encounter several times in our lives: The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, also called “presque vu” - not to be confused with “déjà vu”. 145 more words

Awesome Daily


An authentic repetition forecloses the possibility of recollection.


We have been watching a couple of dramas recently – one of them relating to a field hospital in the First World War. Although it has quite a lot of stereotypes and the VAD nurses’ aprons look wonderfully pristine white all the time ….it does convey something of the relentless tide of death and injury such hospitals must have faced. 453 more words

Do You Like Attachment?

Most people are bound hands and feet to their various attachments. These attachments are the construct of  “their world”. Many are attached to the past or the future, few live in the present. 156 more words

Thought For The Day


Sometimes I enjoy flipping through my passport whenever I happen to come across it. It expires in four more years – enough time, hopefully, to cover more of the pages printed with patriotic scenes from the American romance with stamps and make them ragged. 816 more words