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[54] Cecilia Bartoli - The Vivaldi Album

The album opens with the clean high tones and crisp instrumentation of one of the most familiar tunes in Classical Music – the beautiful celebration of Spring from The Four Seasons – paving the way for me to enjoy the rest of these far more obscure pieces of Vivaldi’s Opera. 204 more words


Everyone is bad at this when they get started. Everyone.

I sent a link to this article via email last week or two weeks ago, but I thought I should link it here too, in case you did not read it yet. 366 more words


3rd Thursday of April 2014: Tired (But Not Depressed)

Hey, hey, people, it’s been a long day, and self is sitting in front of her computer, tired.

One thing she is so happy about, this year, is that her garden is so — fecund.  794 more words


Review: Journey Collector's Edition

Known for their emphasis on artistic design, developer thatgamecompany delivers gaming experiences like no one else. Their first physical release, Journey Collector’s Edition, compiles all three titles that have been released on PSN to date by this intriguing development studio. 1,232 more words

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Trend Watch: Outdoor Barstools

As more people are entertaining outside, patio furniture manufactures and designers are getting creative with ways to decorate outdoors. Bar stools is one category they are getting very creative in and we can help you through some of these new trends. 218 more words

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Re-reading books

On my landmark birthday I decided to re-read Hermann Hesse’s Demian, a book from my youth, when I was still impressionable. It’s one of Hesse’s shorter works. 113 more words