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Weekend at Nusa Lembongan

Sebagai pekerja kantoran yang harus masuk dari senin – jumat, pagi sampe menjelang malam, ngeliat tanggal merah di hari jumat itu adalah berkah tiada tara. … 1,549 more words


Law # 13 of Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power

Why, why, why when self has a ga-zillion things on her mind — like leaving the day after tomorrow for London, and figuring out how to use her new external hard drive, and leaving comments on a friend’s book-length short story collection, not to mention poring over those just-so-good-it-hurts Everlark stories on fanfiction.net (the one she’s most obsessed with right now involves Peeta working the Capitol as a male escort while a clue-less Katniss tends to her two children by Gale back in 12) — why, with all of these things going on, does self still feel the nead to reach up to the shelf above her Mac-Mini and pull down… 255 more words


All quiet on the home front . . .

I haven’t said much about weather for a while, so here are two pictures of our building, taken from the bus stop as I was going into town last Friday. 1,075 more words


travelstache: Washington circa 1919. “Bob Marmion.” Robert...


Washington circa 1919. “Bob Marmion.” Robert “Bob” Marmion, on the right, and an unidentified partner. With canoe paddles from Walford’s Sporting Goods. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

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Isabelle's Kitchen: Roasted Fennel & Parmesan + Lemon Pasta!

I am so excited to introduce you to Isabelle’s Kitchen!  This will be a reoccurring section of my blog starring my dear friend and inspired chef Isabelle. 341 more words