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71: Reconsider

Topic: Answer this question in your Beautiful You journal: What holds you back?

Simple: fear. Not so simple: overcoming it. I have a huge fear of failing or making a mistake. 142 more words

Maybe youd lile to reconsider.

That word reconsider

Which you say often

Break young hearts of girls beyond recognition

Not that I want you to change which you possibly can’t… 68 more words

My Walk To My Heart.

I Made a Deal With Myself

If I could still remember the password, I might think about coming back here. Might.


Please think through your words people. - Midnight thoughts 13th July 2014

I’ve always thought that people should think through what they say as much as possible. Words can weigh and sometimes they can really affect other people. 350 more words

What I mean by “Blunt Shit”

I don’t even know if that title makes any sense. I just did one of my freestyle-translations into English, which don’t always work but that did not cross my mind yesterday- but today. 325 more words