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I was going to do that, and then I thought better of it

Things I Was Going To Do But Then I Thankfully Reconsidered:

  • Publish a blog post of my memoirs as a homeschooler with thinly veiled descriptions of all of the most interesting and bizarre kids, with a particular focus on their mega-creepster parents and the dark comedy of religious fundamentalism…
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Liars and Oneida, Atheists, Reconsider

Liars do a great Oneida cover, but really this one belongs to Oneida. 

Welfare Cap

Got an email from my local MP about a vote in the House of Commons about the ” Welfare Cap “. I emailed my MP back with my feelings on what was going to be affected such as Disability Living Allowance which is a big deal to myself as i am a carer for adults and children with disability’s why should our government be capping such a thing that some people rely on and its the only income they receive. 425 more words

Disability Living Allowance

Andrea - Reconsider (The XX Cover) // Free Download

Parisian producer, Andrea, has remixed and covered The XX’s ambient ‘Reconsider’. The drums on this remind me of Burial’s ‘Archangel’, and the edit has a whole has that same dark drifting mood about it. 24 more words

New Music

My brother’s been in town for the past couple days and when we were looking around the UrbanOutfitters on Santana Row today, I asked him what he thought about a backpack I liked. 406 more words

Get off the death train

“We have been given responsibility for this world, this planet, this creation. How will we answer for our crimes of carelessness and thoughtlessness to Life itself?” 173 more words

Refine the Maps and Cores

In order to find a proper relationships between the cores, i have decided to reconsider my cores. So i have remade all my maps and i think they are more legible now. 21 more words