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Christian Gay-bashing and America as the New Israel

I often appreciate Fiddlrts’ excellent insight, and this week was no exception. In light of the publicity surrounding Fred Phelps’ passing, he reflects on the dynamics of Christian opposition to gays in America. 367 more words

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Talking About Reconstruction

I promised this a while back, but have been so busy and now realize nearly a month has passed. So…

 I talked about exploring some Celtic practices upon North American land, like encountering the local land goddess in whichever land we live on, working with river and creek deities/spirits, springs and other local spirits; ways of offering to them, based on years of my own experience and experiments. 463 more words


Theocracy in the Wind

I’ve been investigating the work of Brandon Vallorani and associates and specifically Liberty Alliance, LLC. He has a large number of enterprises going and seems to be a fan of wine, liquors, cigars, and hunting and fishing with businesses involved in those areas. 123 more words

American Vision

More PantheaCon

Much of what I most enjoyed this year was talking to friends and co-religionists and new acquaintances over meals, and in hospitality suites, and the various public spaces of the rather maze-like hotel, but I do want to mention a few public events I went to. 823 more words

The Wiccanate Privilege


 In the last few years in reconstructionist and polytheist communities there has been talk of the Wiccanate*, referring to practices either specifically Wiccan, or of traditions like (some) Feri and Reclaiming that share many reasonably similar practices like circle casting and working with four elements; the term is used also to refer to the much larger eclectic neopagan practices that still generally reference the aforementioned traits. 804 more words