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Is television heading in the same direction as the record labels?

The online phenomenon has all but ended the need and commercial viability of the record labels, in the music industry. With significant decline in revenue – the transition of the “New Music Economy” is very real. 433 more words

Record Labels

Where did the music industry go wrong?

The varying reasons as to what went wrong with the industry, culminated into large capital investments which had woeful returns. The lack of innovation on not only musical and creativity level, but as well as structured and non-adaptive strategic leadership and below par business acumen had become the overall mode of operations. 311 more words

Record Labels


“SALES, SALES ….SALES”! This was the common underlying theme of all business associated with the music recording industry. The measures of sales units to account for how many album units were sold. 663 more words

Money, Money, Money

There are a great few paragraphs on ‘The power of money’ in Paul Allen’s Artist Management for the Music Business (2011). Here Allen explains the considerable advantage held by major labels, and the artists in their rosters, over smaller independent labels. 583 more words

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BMG Acquires Infectious Music

Last week brought the news that BMG Chrysalis UK has acquired record label Infectious Music. BMG are a rights management company offering a number of services to its clients, including licensing, creative services, royalty collection and recording rights. 332 more words


What I Listened To When I Listened To Music This Week - Flowers - Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do

So what’s your favourite record label?

We’re genuinely interested in people’s favourites! Labels are something of a passion of ours here at For The Rabbits, but picking a single favourite, that’s nearly as hard as picking a favourite album. 1,278 more words

The Illusion of Major Record Labels

When people think of major record labels they often think things like, “Oh they have the best music, the best artist, the best marketing skills, and make the most money.” I agree and disagree with that statement. 383 more words

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