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Breakage Is The Buzzword Today

There is a lot of noise being made by Nikki Sixx about  a term called “BREAKAGE” that appears in recording contracts.

For the uninitiated, breakage is a record label trick. 705 more words


New To Me - New To You - BC Camplight

Here at For The Rabbits we don’t do a run down of our favourite labels of the year, and as far as we’re aware no other site does either. 815 more words

Rob Zombie & Creative Freedom

One thing that has perplexed me more and more as the years have gone by in the evolving music industry is the lack of pushing boundaries in songwriting.   931 more words

Billy Corgan on The Future of Music & Media

The old media market is dead. Not dead in a “in its grave” kinda death, but more like “Zombie” mode. It’s lingering. It’s not going to come back to life, but unless someone comes with that extra hammer to kill it nothing else is going to. 412 more words

How To Get A Record Deal

If you’re considering a record deal, you are dedicated to your music career. This is not a hobby or a side job, but your life’s passion. 992 more words

Unsigned Artist

Can We Save Edinburgh's Music Scene?

Scotland has always been famous for its music scene, from pop classics such as Belle & Sebastian through to punk acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream. 811 more words