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I Hate Me, part 472,914

One of the many problems of being a middle aged man who works at a record store that you don’t own is that you get mistaken as the owner. 268 more words

The Tape Traders. #mondayblogs

Great songs on cassette required serious work if you wanted to hear them again.

Rewind, then Play.

Or if you owned a Walkman that was lacking in a Rewind button, you flipped the tape over, hit Fast-Forward, flipped the tape back and hope you managed to get far enough to get to the beginning of that great song. 395 more words

Notes From The Frogpond


Spoon’s new album They Want My Soul has entered the US charts at number 4, due in part to outstanding vinyl sales bolstered by a pre-order scheme. 330 more words

My quest for the holy grail of Quebec disco came up short--but I still scored some sweet purchases...

OK, so I said I went to Montreal last weekend for RRRÖÖÖAAARRR 2014, but that was really just a front for the true purpose of my trip: to get my hands on a (preferably French-language) copy of… 1,212 more words


Guide To Sending Demos

If you are looking to send demos to record labels or publishers there are many unspoken guidelines that you should follow to prevent your demo from going straight into the bin. 638 more words


WHEN RECORDS ARE PEOPLE: Markers Of A Life Amid A Museum of Wax

This is my brain on records (and quite possibly the cerebral cortex of a few of you out there who also obsess about such things): 3,176 more words