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A traditional day

Today’s guest picture, taken by my recorder playing friend Susan on her recent holiday, shows her brother taking the F1 simulator test at Brooklands.  This is the very epitome of going nowhere fast. 634 more words


Sitting target

Today’s guest picture shows a very serious kookaburra, seen by my brother in Sydney.

My aim for the day was to be sitting in a comfortable position at all times in a serious effort to get the muscles in my back to relax and stop giving me gyp. 546 more words


Making the best of a bad day

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s cruise.  He tells me that they were enjoying a drink while taking in this view of the  caldera at Santorini, the site of a massive collapse in the Minoan era which caused a tsunami that may have been responsible for the story of Atlantis, the drowned city.  694 more words


Blown away....and not just by the wind

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone, who took it with his phone while going along a local bike path.  It reflects exactly how much care and respect our council has for this path. 705 more words


Parkinson's Law revised

Today’s guest picture was sent by my daughter in London and shows a splendid wild flower display in one of her local parks.

It was dry and not too cold but decidedly breezy when Dropscone and I went out for the morning run to Gair and back today.  743 more words


A slow day

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone, who was at Wembley Stadium on Sunday to watch a game of American Football.  I must say that I thought that American footballers would look a little fiercer than this but what do I know? 506 more words