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Empty tank

Today’s guest picture comes from Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent and shows a squirrel in a friend’s garden.  It is a small picture but then the squirrel is in a very small space. 414 more words


The stable door proved somewhat fallible

Today’s guest picture shows the fine confection, made by a local chocolatier, which my flute pupil Luke gave as a birthday present to his grandfather. 544 more words


A small host

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows a tree surgeon cutting up the eucalyptus tree that was blown over in their garden by the recent gales.  648 more words



Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Gavin who went on a walk in Edinburgh on Wednesday to take his mind off his troubles while his wife was having a lengthy operation in the nearby hospital.  667 more words


Pleased to be home

Todays’ guest picture, from my brother Andrew’s Spanish trip, shows that they have odd shaped buildings in Barcelona too.

The best part of our day was taken up with the journey back to peace and quiet after the excitements of the big city.  423 more words


Back to normal

Today’s guest picture is a very nice photo of the path along the River Dove which was being followed by my brother a couple of weeks ago. 388 more words