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Gently does it.

Today’s guest picture, in the absence of exciting offerings from anyone else, is another from my sister Mary’s portfolio.  It shows the restored  but thoroughly beached Cutty Sark at Greenwich.  626 more words


Hail Petronius Fortunatus

Today’s guest picture shows another of the book benches spotted by my sister Mary.  Prizes for guessing the book title without looking at the writing in the corner. 247 more words

Cycle Outings

Fort provoking

Today’s guest picture comes from the camera of Mrs Tootlepedal and shows that Matilda, as well as being the world’s greatest baby, has tremendous colour sense. 619 more words


Going the wrong way

Today’s guest picture was sent to Mrs Tootlepedal by the leader of the church choir, Muriel.  Muriel, who is a keen photographer, was at the Canonbie show and took this picture of some old fellow smiling inanely as he went up for a prize. 574 more words


A drop of golden sun at last

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows the world’s greatest baby enjoying a very short nap the other day.

As is customary on a Friday. 849 more words


Still a bit buffeted by Bertha

Today’s guest picture is a contrast to our present gloomy weather and shows a sunny day in Devon in June.  My daughter was visiting pretty gardens down there. 625 more words


Paying the price

Today’s guest picture comes from my restless friend Bruce, who is currently sampling café life in Tallinn in Estonia.

As is customary on a Friday, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to visit the world’s greatest baby and as she takes the car for the first part of the journey, I was left to cycle up to the Moorland bird feeders where I am acting a a relief feeder filler on Fridays.   567 more words