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Update from the studio

Things are in full swing for “All The People”. Things are starting to really take shape! Despite the Kickstarter campaign not getting off the ground, K180 and many of the generous pledgers have got behind the album. 54 more words

Gareth Hides

9-Beet Stretch

From Scandinavian sound artist Leif Inge comes a transcendent soundscape made out of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. By stretching the recording to 24 hours with no distortion or pitch shifting (achieved through high-quality granulation), the piece is fundamentally changed from a goal-oriented tonal work with a dramatic narrative to a slowly-evolving sonic environment more closely resembling micropolyphonic works of Ligeti or post-minimalist pieces by John Luther Adams and R.  50 more words


Ho Hey - Sax Instrumental track

I recorded this version of Ho Hey on tenor sax for my sister’s wedding. Check it out on Soundcloud here.


NPR: New music from "My Brightest Diamond"

“Worden’s music feels simultaneously micro-orchestrated and entirely, ecstatically spontaneous. She has in common with former bandmate Sufjan Stevens an exceptional knack for world-building, as well as an ability to cultivate intimacy through flawless, complex production with a beating heart. 48 more words