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In 2014 I wrote song every week

Maybe you saw this, maybe it passed you by… anyway I thought I would post one last time about it as I will be taking the ’52’ songs down by my Bandcamp site in exactly one week whilst I decide what to do with them – whether to split them and use them for different projects or attempt some ridiculous 69 Love Songs/Dan Hayward endeavour (I already have some ideas). 247 more words


Rise EP

Recorded in Sheffield during September and October 2014 this EP was originally released on 17 January 2015 on the short-lived net-label, Dischi Senza Parole.

The sound of the sea was recorded in Scarborough in February 2014. 68 more words


Goodbye 2014. Hello 2014. Ah go on then. 2015.

So I took the flight. The time difference meant I never experienced midnight and yet still I exist in space and time. Still I have yet to achieve immortality. 440 more words


Getting Your Music Recorded

There are many choices for getting your music recorded for the first time.
  1. Go to a Recording Studio and pay them to do it. Yes it is expensive, but if you have the funds available, it is the best route.
  2. 457 more words

Lost & Found Reunion 13/5/15

Lovely to see everyone tonight. And great to dust off some of the Lost & Found songs to record – a bit like getting the decorations out again…


Yesterday I recorded a demo with Noah Michael in his studio.

We collaborated on an instrumental track. It post-rocks pretty hard.

I’ll share it with you soon.



I want to be loved

Sunday morning I awoke with this zombie tune in my head. I say zombie because a zombie was singing this song and dancing both loose-limbed and spasmodically to it. 675 more words