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Vaughn De Leath and Jones & Hare Caricatures (1929)

Three of the most prolific radio and recording-studio artists of the late 1920s, as caricatured in Radio Revue (1929). Jones & Hare had recently lost their Happiness Candy Company sponsorship, along with rights to the “Happiness Boys” name.

78 And Other Disc Records

The music industry's newfangled growth business: vinyl records

The equation facing the music business is now well understood: Sales of CDs and digital music downloads are in what looks like a death spiral, while streaming music services are adding subscribers and increasing revenues but not yet profits. 450 more words

Time Out!

As most of you know, I’m an entertainment attorney, and a former musician/songwriter/producer.  (Although…..recently I wrote my first song in 15 years and played it in sort of a contest and won (!!!), so thanks, Cathryn B. 2,029 more words


Are Google and YouTube poised to screw over indie recording artists?

YouTube is launching a new music video subscription service and artists who don’t agree to their terms may be left out in the cold.

YouTube’s decision to remove indie labels for subscription service isn’t just wrong, it’s, honestly, stupid.

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So now we know that Apple has purchased Beats headphones, Beats Music, the “services” of Dre and the “legendary genius” of Jimmy Iovine. Why? What for? 1,073 more words

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