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The Letters from Everett Project

Trombonist Phil Jordan has been in the studio working on the Letters from Everett Jazz project. The project combines the stories and music inspired by the stories of New Orleans Jazz bassist Everett Link. 14 more words



Set in South Africa MOMENTUM is an action packed movie that by the look of the few scenes I was lucky enough to see at the recording session contains some of the most edge of the seat and fast paced situations that I have seen in recent years. 765 more words

Laurent Eyquem

Pain Management: Treat Carpal Tunnel - Wrist Pain Without Drugs

In alleviating sore wrists, sore hands and other recurrent tendonitis and irritated neurology, symptoms often attributed to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), we look at the cause not the symptoms. 401 more words

Pain Management

Roubique Project

Robin D. Rorie has been tracking at JT studios with drummer Harrell Bosarge, working on the Roubique project.



Been working with Wanted on their recent LIVE demo recording.

Recording Sessions

The Adventurist Project

Producer Robin D. Rorie has been in the studio working on The Adventurist project. Featuring Many Hats Jazz and other artists, this project is a tribute to the life and artist work of the late Hannah Chambers.


Recording with Raymond Meade

In December 2014 some of the GSA Choir went to┬áCaVa recording studios in Glasgow to record the backing vocals for Raymond Meade’s new album (out in May) in the song “Shine a Light”.

Recording Sessions