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Why now?

Why am I feeling all of this now, shouldn’t this have come months ago? Why did I mask these emotions with anger and stubbornness, why didn’t I just look at the situation for what is was and made it better. 169 more words


Cutting out the middle man

As i said in my last post, i sort of think we have a few ‘hats’ we can put on. I’m going to talk about the ‘middle man’ of recovery. 642 more words


3 Things You Can Do to Help Someone with an Addiction

If you love someone who’s struggling with an addiction, then you’ve probably asked yourself, “What can I do to help?” While there’s no way to act on someone else’s behalf or to force anyone to change, I do advise three (3) things that you can do to help your loved one. 753 more words


I am so happy.

I do not have a long drawn out blog post for the day. I just want to talk about the first few days of my college experience. 221 more words


WIAW..Do you know?

If the past weekend is anything to go by – winter could be at it’s peak. What happened to my Spring premonitions? Gail winds, air that pierces through like an icy dagger and sunshine completely MIA…. 533 more words


Recovering the Natural Capacity to Listen

In my worst, I’m able to fully convince myself that it is indeed me who is in charge.  In charge of my drinking and how to keep it going. 275 more words


What I ate Wednesday

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the What I Ate Wednesday phenomenon. In a culture dangerously fueled by comparison, is it helpful to look at other people’s food choices all of the time? 601 more words