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State of Grace

Good morning, people! Even though it is 1:30 pm as I am writing this. I woke up at noon, don’t judge me. I am beyond thankful that I don’t have class today. 668 more words


Back to the Drawing Board

I’m taking that “put her back to work” advice from the vet seriously, and starting to think about our plans for the rest of this year, and looking ahead to next year.  906 more words

The market recovery sweet spot

Commercial investments in office space seeing a significant recovery that sweetens the deal for investors


2 Things we ALL should know about an addict

Talking with someone struggling with an addiction can be frustrating. Not for the reasons that you might think, but because they’re so mired in self-hate that almost every thought he or she utters is a projection of that self-hate. 325 more words


SlideShare – Four Assumptions that are killing your Backup Storage

Backup systems are coming under fire. Data explosion is certainly part of the problem, but it’s more than just a capacity issue. Backup systems are being asked to do things they were never designed for, like storing largely unchanging data for longer periods of time and being able to access and restore individual files quickly. 141 more words


A year without antidepressants

It is one year since I last took an antidepressant, and I am going to celebrate – not because I feel wonderful and am bursting with elation, but because I want to rub depression’s face in it. 549 more words


Day 11: It's okay not to be okay

Over the last few years, this is one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn. I’ve always believed that it’s not normal for me to struggle and not be okay. 323 more words