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Hot Topics: The Food Journal

For those who are struggling or have struggled with an eating disorder, the food journal may be familiar.  It’s a tool commonly used in therapy and one, I’ll admit, I’ve always taken for granted as both an assessment and therapeutic tool.  767 more words

Eating Disorders

Michael, Me and God Part 2

Buddha says when someone fires an arrow into you; you don’t try and find out who fired the arrow and what they are all about. You concentrate on getting the arrow out. 1,509 more words

Alcohol Recovery

If You're Lost And Alone, Or You're Sinking Like A Stone, Carry On

I am suffering from cabin fever.  Sitting home, recovering from a brain tumor is painful.  Literally and figuratively speaking.  Time seems to move at an unbearably slow pace and you find yourself reaching for painkillers throughout the day.  830 more words

Introducing...Hot Topics!

Once and a while, a topic comes up that leads me to do some thinking about my work with eating disorders.  These “hot topics” are posts designed to get your noodle boiling about just those sorts of conundrums that come up in recovery and give you a chance to sound off on how you feel about them.  10 more words

Eating Disorders

Who is really sick? The victim, or the abuser?

I’m having a hard time making sense of this assumption; the people who attack the victim for speaking out are often harassed, shunned, disbelieved, or worse. 382 more words

Life Of Abuse

Art Therapy for TBI?

I had a very busy, stressful day yesterday so I had lots to write about this morning.  When I sat down to write, I couldn’t. No writer’s block here.   341 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Lift, sleep, recover?

This is my last week of lifting heavy (for now)! My schedule today is pretty weird today, but I found my way to the weight room a little later than usual and there was an entirely different crowd there– a bunch of young dudes. 323 more words