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When the Darkness Comes...

…My brain decides to categorize the entire enterprise of living as a fruitless expenditure of energy.

I’m resolved to be happy, to enjoy life.  In the summer months, happiness comes easily.  1,051 more words


October 21st

Call me crazy but my puppy Oscar definitely knows that something is up. Usually it is my right hand that he plays with, but for some reason today he went for my left hand, and that is the hand with the cuts on it. 450 more words

7 Things for Your Welcome to Sobriety Care Package


I love these articles because they are real. At 11 months sober I still rely on all of these things to help keep me sane. 59 more words


The Next Right Thing

I am back at home after having spent 5 days visiting with my dying mother.  I am exhausted, emotionally and physically wiped out.  I feel like crawling in bed and telling everyone to wake me when it is over. 768 more words


Gym time !!!

Back on a track (walking and jogging only) for the first time in a little over two weeks :)


TT - Thanks for breaking my heart

Thanks for breaking my heart,
I feel violated,
Thanks for breaking my heart,
I feel frustrated.

Thanks for breaking my heart,
Everyone can see you for what you are, 45 more words