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Today I’ve woken up aching from head to head to toe from yesterday’s workout. But when I got on the scales- they haven’t dropped at all. 267 more words

The week ahead is grim and full of waiting rooms

This week is quite big in terms of my health. Let me see:

  • I have two doctors appointments, with different doctors for different reasons. One is a lady doctor relating to a lady problem and the other is the male doctor who has seen me since I was a baby and has taken care of all my mental health stuff.
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Tramlines - what a difference a year makes

Tramlines is a city centre festival in the great city of Sheffield, it’s an amazing thing and my lovely husband Timm is one of the festival directors and the production director so each year I’m lucky enough to get a little pass that allows me to hang out backstage and have a generally fantastic time. 785 more words


MM: A Break from Your Routine.

This week I am away at Summer Theatre School. I am hoping that the break from routine will help me not to feel quite so rubbish for a while. 63 more words

Monday Mantras

Beautiful world

Well, at least when I’m biking in the dark, no one can see how hard I’m crying. It was an exhausting ride home; I was already stressed and sad. 620 more words

Insomnia /Álmatlanság

Oh, I do remember how much I wanted to stay up late when I was younger but I never could because school and life were way too tiring… At that time I slept around… 2,140 more words

A Dialogue with Anxiety

    When I was a child or a young teenager and had to deal with some problem, I used to imagine a dialogue with my anxiety. “Anxiety, anxiety, I would write in my journal, is it you?” “Yes, it would say, and … meet my bride Tension.” “So, you are going to torture me now, both of you?” “No, today we have no time for that; we are a couple after all. 540 more words