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My Mundane Life

What am I getting out of life?  Everyday is just a pointless rehash of the previous day.  It’s sad to admit that.  What do I have to hide?  83 more words

My Life

Day 6: What about it (self-harm) do you enjoy?

I’ve had to think about this all day. In the moment, I “enjoy” the relief it brings. The rest of the time, there is nothing about it that I enjoy. 68 more words


A Thought

(This may be my SHORTEST post EVER) I know you are all relieved ;)

Thought on the drive home…something that keeps replaying in my mind. 388 more words


Real recovery

Fancy being able to bounce back from a tough training session and be in tip-top shape for the next one? Then you better get real-recovery savvy. 1,004 more words

Health Bites

Where did that light at the end of the tunnel go?!

Ok, so today has been pretty miserable. I started my day at 5.30am bleeding again so went to a&e but thankfully this time it was very quick was seen straight away as it was empty and the nurse practitioner had a look and believes it to be just a scab that has come off and that it was a small amount so sent me home. 215 more words


Reality is an Illusion

Dress: Thrift find, Shawl Vest: Thrift find, Flower Crown: Self-made, Beaded Necklace: Thrift find, Multi colored Beaded Necklace: Old Navy, Elephant Necklace: F21, Jean Jacket: Mogujie.com, Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, Red Lipstick: MAC… 620 more words

A stupid thought

I’m ashamed to write that I have been letting Anorexia get into my head…more so than usual these last couple of days. I have retreated from the people around me. 509 more words