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Goodbye treatment.

Today I am off to Victoria to celebrate my Papas birthday. Last time I was in Victoria I was still very much engaged in my eating disorder. 669 more words


Fuchsias, home and a little bit of rest and comfort

This last week has seen me well and truly resting and recharging my batteries. I have secluded myself away in rural West Cork with the family for a proper rest and break. 1,057 more words


Six Months

Life, as with recover, is a roller coaster. I have amazing days, and I have ones where I feel like I might fall back into it. 610 more words

Knee and Ankle

 WIP This part of the new post can be ignored until the complete article is finished.

1. Wrong load allocation

We might have wondered why some professional players can be seen from time to time with knee straps on the left knee for righties and vice versa for lefties. 680 more words


209 Days

209 days since my last post. That’s awful. Not becuase I think people are racing to their laptops to read the latest ramblings of someone who is just trying to figure out how to be herself but becuase its been 209 days since I was honest with myself about my recovery. 158 more words


The Two People Inside of Me

When I say to I, inside my mind, “I can have a cigarette, just one more pack, and then I’ll quit after that” who is the I that is trying to do the convincing, and who is the I that is listening? 


Color is better: dangers of black and white thinking

I think one of the very first things my therapist ever said to me was “Well my dear, that’s very black and white.” 

Confused, I repeated what I had been saying. 515 more words

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