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KaRyn: Phone Calls

Justin can call now.  This is a mixed blessing.  I like knowing that he’s ok and that he’s still there (ha), but we have never been great on the phone.   1,098 more words

Loss: It's mostly a four-letter word

Loss.  This is a word that encompasses many different aspects of human life. You may have lost a loved one, a job, or just a game of chess. 642 more words



What strength is this

of a thousand men

pulling, yanking, jerking

limbs and torso

An unforeseen thrust

to the gut and the chest

throwing a body to the ground. 60 more words


What a couple of days I've had

I was too distraught last night to post. Yesterday was long and hard. I followed my meal plan yesterday before going in. I got soooo sick on the bus ride. 447 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

The List

When I joined the divorce/infidelity corner of the blogosphere, one of the other blogs I began following almost immediately is this one. This woman began writing of her personal struggle with her husband’s infidelity a week or two before I began writing, and she had discovered her husband’s affair right around the same time that I… 1,503 more words


#197 of 365 - "old hopes"

“old hopes”


sometimes I miss the oblivion

blind youth affords


and the endless tomorrows

that innocence hoards


I am walking on a dried riverbed

of old hopes… 36 more words


Amber is the color of your energy.

I just barely made it through the day. My hamster died and a friend came over for dinner and a visit I had high hopes for quickly turned not high and it was all out of my hands except the food.* And so I wanted to eat. 191 more words