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Is this a town promotion idea that would still work?

I just thought I would include these pages from the 1966 Camberley Carnival programme because the competition idea was a simple but effective one.  Of course, it’s also good to see lists of shops that have now gone, to jog the memory and give them a place in history……..


Master's Baptist College Barn Activity - August 30, 2014

Classes have not yet begun but the fun has! Here are photos from this evening. Videos to come.

Master's Baptist

Bouncing baby boy

Today, in the midst of a number of other significant projects, my guys put together a trampoline.  Wow!

We’ve had an awesome Jump King trampoline for a lot of years, but none of us could remember exactly how long we’ve had it.  739 more words


Gromit, Gromit Everywhere...

Shopping malls here always have an element of unknown to them. Not for the shops within but for the random displays they may be hosting from time to time. 324 more words

Hong Kong

Travel Young

Travel Young When young, life is about just yourself. The world is meant to revolve around you. But this is the time to change that conception, hold that world still, and revolve around it instead.  18 more words


In Defense of Comedy

In a hectic world of political strife, economic uncertainty, and pervasive poverty, it can be difficult to find solace in the everyday. It can be really hard not to be a nihilist sometimes. 285 more words


fri 500* ncaaf triple lock wins! sat's 500* ncaaf campus connection triple lock. 3, 500* ncaaf locks + more.


Friday’s 500 star NCAA Football Triple lock wins on Western Ky+7 and Texas San Antonio at Houston under 58 points! We are now 5-2 last 7 day’s on our 500 star SIGNATURE NCAA Football, MLB, NFL Preseason Triple Locks. 726 more words