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Nowhere Near

Nowhere near. Just seeing these words placed together can pose many questions, “where are we then?” “Nowhere near what?” which is exactly what Uta Barth’s work got me thinking when I came across her work whilst reading… 311 more words

Hollywood won’t stop until it turns every movie into a TV series

After years of hearing talk about how TV is now better than film, the movie industry is finally getting its revenge—by taking over television.

In a flurry of development activity over the past month, each of the five US broadcast networks announced plans to turn several feature films into potential series. 599 more words

Ground control to Major Tom

The reason why I love the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty so much is because there’s a part of Mitty that resonates with my soul, my inner self. 296 more words


Day Trippin' in San Bernardino on Highway 18

A couple of weeks ago I had a client ask me where his family could Picnic for the day.  What a great question, of course I know a hand full of spots… But I froze… Wait a minute, I know the answer to this… as I stuttered through my answer, I finally remembered all of the San Bernardino National Forest turn outs on Hwy 18. 564 more words

Lake Arrowhead

Famous Portraits Re-Created with John Malkovich

All done without Photoshop, here is a collection of portraits by renowned photographer Sandro Miller. Miller wanted to celebrate some of the most famous pictures ever taken by recreating them using actor John Malkovich. 13 more words


Time, the picture it does alter.

Time changes things. I don’t think I’m going to win a Nobel prize for that profound statement. If you have an interest in history, like I do, you might have a preference for a particular era or something physical, like a building. 302 more words