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Looking For a Job? #thisonesforyou :)

Today we are going to venture down “Recruiter’s Lane” and explore a facet that doesn’t often (maybe hasn’t ever) make this blog.   Here are some recruiter tips of do’s and… 641 more words


HR Assistant

Image Services Staffing seeking a HR Assistant to handle all aspects of HR including but not limited to, recruiting, benefits administration, new hire orientation, interviewing, policy enforcement etc.  19 more words


Gaming IS a skill -_-

So after three months of job hunting, i’ve come to realize that my proudest extracurricular accomplishment is the fact that i played video games.

I know : it’s sad. 898 more words

Connect: Desirable skills for a receptionist

Having a cheerful personality can feel like an under-valued or unwanted trait, but it’s something lots of employers want.

A smiling face is really important in the world of the receptionists. 109 more words

A Post (Part Three of Four) for people wanting to enter the job market

The Search


There are two main ways into employment (obviously) – through the advertised vacancies in the media, or through the unadvertised vacancies – through networking and referrals. 931 more words


How to stand out at a Careers Fair

A couple of tips to get a head at a Careers Fair:

Tip 1 – Plan your visit and give yourself enough time to research the companies that are attending. 192 more words

Assist With College Costs

Playing sports is beneficial to the brain, strengthens the body, and could possibly help pay for college.  In “Why Play Tennis?“, author Samantha Linden encourages everyone to play tennis because it not only physically strengthens a player, but also sharpens one’s brain.   194 more words