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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Success! After nearly 3 months of searching … I can’t believe it. Finally. An interview for an actual position! While I’ve had countless meetings, phone conversations, and even met face-to-face with a few recruiters, this will be my first formal interview for a specific role and it’s the one for the media company. 422 more words


Birthday, BFF and an anniversary

Apologies for having neglected the blogging world for a while! My life is just one big rollercoaster at the moment and sometimes the downs that inevitably follow the ups are just too much. 610 more words

Best Boyfriend

November 1st

Ok- I am putting this in writing.

Unless some opportunity comes up in the next two months, I will be moving to Philadelphia in November. 113 more words

The Job Interview: "Dear Job Seeker...Your Resume Is Impressive, But..."

Unless you lived under a rock as a teenager, or, you stayed in your folks’ house playing video games in the basement, depending on your age, we’ve all faced rejection at some time or another. 910 more words


What are recruiters doing wrong?

How many times have you gone to an interview set up by a recruiter only to find out the job is nothing like you though it was going to be? 577 more words


Introducing Backstory

You’ve got people to meet, things to do, places to go. And you’ve got a great story to tell about yourself. You can use your resume to tell others who you are, but that doesn’t capture the full picture of you. 293 more words


History of the Online Job Board

Job boards have been around for longer than you think, with many springing up in the early 1990s at the dawn of the internet. Want to find out more about job boards and the candidates that use them? 23 more words