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My Diaper Genie needs to get off its high horse and start granting some wishes…. all of which involve the closing of my daughter’s rectum.

Science: discover digestion

The digestive process allows the transformation of food into components critical to the functioning of our metabolism, starting with the creation of a food bolus in the… 124 more words


Foolishly Cocky, and the Lasts.

It has been five days since my last surgery.  By “last” I mean “most recent in time”, and “coming after all others”.  As I have mentioned before, the only cure for Ulcerative Colitis is a colectomy.   467 more words

Donald Rumsfeld downplays CIA torture report: “I was rectally hydrated, it’s not that bad!”

WASHINGTON, DC- Yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein released a 480-page report detailing CIA torture techniques, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and rectal rehydration.

We caught up with Donald Rumsfeld at a local elite tennis club in Washington, DC where he and his wife were playing a doubles match with their neighbors. 193 more words