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This seasons 'MUST HAVE', oh really, must you?

We all have pet hates; a phrase or a saying that we find irritating for some reason. I’ve heard people say how they dislike, for instance, ‘ticking all the boxes’, or, ‘up and down the country’! 506 more words

Vintage Frame Thread Holder

When I first set up my craft/sewing room I set out on the hunt for the run of the mill mini rack spool holder for my small collection of thread.  862 more words


Think Outside the Pot!

Wait! Don’t throw that out, it just might be the perfect container for that Fairy Garden that you’re making or to be used as a unusual container for garden. 402 more words

Make do with what you've got!

This is going to be a quick one, because realistically there isn’t much to talk about!  Once I had taken off the old hardware from the kitchen cabinets I was left with these ugly brass handles: 423 more words

Home Renovation Project

Make a change today

The earth dose not belong to us, we belong to the earth

For a few years now I’ve sat back and watched the world go by, I’ve noticed colder winters, hotter summers and heavier rain.

117 more words
Climate Change

more old seed packets

Oh dear, I found more packets of old seeds I missed in my first pass through the Evergreen Community Garden seed stores.

“To Seeds, ‘Packed for 1997,’ … 72 more words


How To Reduce Paper Towel Waste

Paper towels are everywhere you go. Have you ever stopped to think about how many you’ve used over the past month alone?

As yogis, we’re always trying to expand our awareness and make subtle changes to benefit ourselves and the world around us. 30 more words