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Time to Declutter

Over the past year I have been slowly chiselling away at the hoard of stuff I have transported with me for years since leaving home, gathering more and more excess baggage with each move. 706 more words


Innovative Machine that Feed Dogs on the Street of Turkey

Here’s an innovative machine that is worthy of the saying “Just like hitting two birds with one stone.” A company from Turkey named Pugedon came up with an awesome idea that push two cause in one single concept. 294 more words

Viral Video

Book Ends

This is a cool project alert! So clever and creative– not to mention really neat looking. I saw this in the lonby of the Marriott in downtown Milwaukee and was immediately lured to it, practically pushing aside hungover wedding party guests and moms yelling at their kids to get to it. 197 more words

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Nominate A Family In Need

Local auto body shop is accepting nominations for Recycled Rides. Click the pick

The 804

Trade Tuesdays - Trade #1

I have realized that when you start thinking about living in 100 square feet you realize that you own a lot of things and use very few of them. 141 more words


If We All Used It Once More

With an ecological consciousness or awareness in our hearts and minds, it becomes clear to see where our lives are in harmony with nature, and where our lives fall short of harmony. 563 more words


Recycle Snapshot: Mattresses

It’s complicated

Nighttime, bedrooms, soft linens

Sleep well last night? Well, that’s because of me.  If you’re moving and you can’t take me with you, or your upgrading a new mattress, it’s time for you to take care of me. 49 more words

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