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My travel-mouse had given up on me. So I cycled to a shop to get another one. I parked my bike in an open space. 255 more words


Sandwich packet

Took this a while ago… it was on the inside of my egg and cress sandwich and was pleasantly surprised by these graphics, especially as they are hidden until you eat the sandwich!



Did your mummy never teach you manners?- David Sedaris' mum did!

I am not talking about saying “Hi!” or “Thank you!” or “Please!”- for most people politeness and pleasantries come automatically, for some people they come as an annoying task yet the words will be forced through their lips, some people don’t acknowledge the simple words used for gratitude but they are A-holes anyway- can’t change them! 690 more words

Still Able To Think?

DIY Recycled Jumbo Crayons

So, I’ve seen this melting of the broken and forgotten crayons lots of places, and I finally tried it out myself. Actually, I stole the directions from this lady’s blog: … 100 more words


Freestyle Restyle

Restyle 2014 is about to kick off on Friday. I’ve made a last minute decision (about the only kind I make) to join in. Thought it would be a nifty and thrifty way to start wearing some of my recent op-shop purchases that have been hanging lonely in my cupboard. 131 more words

Why Go Green?

The world is growing by leaps and bounds as measured by the world population. In 1922 there were 2 billion people in the world. By 2000 there were 6 billion and by 2050 it is projected there will be 9 billion. 431 more words

Going Green

What is your trash worth?

Every day, thousands and thousands of pounds of trash end up on the streets.

Recycling is important and can diminish the aftermath of all that trash to almost zero, and we all know that, but how the government and the general population can incentivize this practice? 307 more words