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4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit (Toy)

Overboard Creations: Butterfly Net: giveaways and very exciting events…:  you don’t wont to miss

Our top pick of the Day on the recycled paper bead @ Overboard Creations… 18 more words

Australia Approaching 'Peak Recovery' for Paper - Pulp & Paper Edge

Australia is fast approaching ‘peak recovery’ for paper and paperboard, according to comments from industry leader Graeme Holland, the Managing Director of Paper to Paper. 139 more words

The Three R's in the library!!!

I thought with Earth Day, and spring in the air, an environmental theme would be good for this month. So the theme this month is…. The Three “R’s” in the Library…..Read, Return, Repeat! 171 more words

Library News And Events

Amazing Race recap: Down and Dirty

As usual, the teams departed the pit stop in the order they arrived.  Their first destination was the Dutch Museum, but here’s what’s interesting about the Race– the museum opened at 8:30 AM meaning all of the teams were camped outside when it opened.   564 more words


Eco friendly causes - Ways for the public to get involved

Going green always starts at the home.

Image credit: Home to life

Become an Eco-conscious consumer.   Have your household on the recycling, composting, and generally “green” path… 367 more words