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This is Trade


            Quan skins chicken in the garage.  The skin is cold and gels under her fingernails.  The chicken goes in a pot sitting on a propane burner.  1,755 more words


Crafts Paper Mache Beads

Here is a way to do beads on a budget, if you have a lot of newspaper to recycle and a lot of time :) I left the pieces of paper soak in water for the night, then put them into the mixer with enought water. 108 more words


What Wales and Scotland can teach us about the circular economy

A version of this post was first published on BusinessGreen.

With memories of the world cup fading fast, something that has stayed with me are the many scenes of jubilant fans, perhaps because these reminded me of happy times spent in Brazil during its famous carnival celebrations. 886 more words

Circular Economy

Look what we found at the Baltimore zoo...

During a week-long relaxing (yet busy!) visit to the in-laws, they wanted to take Miss Precious to the Baltimore zoo. I didn’t expect to see anything environmentally friendly at the zoo. 38 more words

Zero Waste

How reused onion or garlic bag !

So ! Here are three way to reuse onion bag … If  you are still thinks What can you do with onion bag then this three idea they will totally useful for you . 97 more words

Humorous Ethnics

I thought up the best and most original idea for a sitcom – a bunch of people live in a house. They do things, but it’s not always funny. 120 more words

I Dream