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Fall Sure Comes On Fast Up Here..!!

Even though this is my second fall – and, yes, I know fall technically starts on the Autumnal Equinox which is still eleven days out but it sure feels like it’s fall – I’m still amazed by just how rapidly the season arrives in this area.  407 more words


Gifted Time

For an hour I was illuminated as burnt honey light burnished leaf, berry and tree, and gilt the coiling ivy like pages of a manuscript. Worlds collided, the otherworld overlapped this one and the gold seeped through; time slowed and I knew all I saw was precious; a gift. 118 more words


Daily inspiration, cherries

Cherries, when they have matured & have obtained the delicious sweet taste – are completely irresistible. One of my favourite berries! And they look beautiful too. 6 more words

Homes / Interiors

Day One Hundred and Forty-Three: Jack-in-the-Pulpit

At first protected by the safety of the green collar, the wooden surround, held aloft and aloof, away from the plebeian congregation of grassy blades and mossy mushrooms. 106 more words


Summers Melancholy in BaBearia's Auguary


summer ends real quicklies in BaBearia, and so now, Mid-End Auguary we get quite cool temperatures and everything BUT an Indian summer so far. Boo!  189 more words


Winter in Denmark 8, 2013

Strictly speaking this image is from last fall, not winter. But I don’t have any other fall images. This is a wonderful example of why it’s worth it for me to always carry my DSLR. 21 more words

Nikon D5100