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The Unrideables: Alaska Range - Conquering new lines

Speedriding’s hybrid approach makes ski lines once thought unrideable, to now be possible. Along with a group of elite athletes, Jon DeVore sets out to evolve the way we approach playing on a mountain. 19 more words


The Ballad Of The Bull

When it comes to extreme sports, Red Bull hopes you’ll think of them. The energy-drink business demands as much: pound this energy drink and look at all the hardcore stuff you’re just gonna be jacked to the gills to get out there and do. 3,069 more words

Throwback Thursday: Bog

About this time two years ago, I came across the YouTube video featured in the #throwback Thursday post below. Hope you enjoy it, especially in light of this week’s post on… 656 more words


Ice Climbing Next To An Active Waterfall - Helmcken Falls, BC, Canada

Spectacular accent of a route next to Helmcken Falls in BC.  One of the most ascetically pleasing ice climbing routes I have ever seen.  Cheers to Will Gadd on the accomplishment. 55 more words


Mariana Pajon - Tioga

from Tioga BMX

Tioga BMX Rider Mariana Pajon.

With more than twelve world championship titles already to her name, Colombian BMX rider Mariana Pajón is making history with her effortless style on two wheels. 150 more words


Stolen Red Bull trophies stolen 2 weeks ago are found in a lake

It was announced yesterday that some of the trophies that were stolen from the Red Bull factory a fortnight ago have been found in a lake. 406 more words