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Doctors Donate Money for Retraining and Rehabilitation

     The Medical Licensure Boards and DEA follow protocol when they investigate a doctor. Usually there is an inquiry with records examined by learned physicians. If a complaint is filed the Medical Licensure Boards will proceed with hearings.  134 more words

Wisconsin’s Tornado and Severe Weather Week – April 21-25

Are you ready for severe weather? A twister? Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes annually! Last year, 16 tornadoes were reported in Wisconsin by the National Weather Service, including six during the night of August 6, 2013. 226 more words


Seder Meals & Red Cross Volunteers

Sometimes I feel like the lone survivor of a Tsunami.
Like the person whose entire village was washed away by a tidal wave. The person who lost not only one of the people closest to her, but her whole community as well. 578 more words

PHOTO: Julia's Run 3.13.14 DRE & Red Cross Blood Drive by Marrakech 3.14.14 DRE

I’m very happy to say I got to volunteer at TWO places in TWO days!
What I haven’t thought about was being at blood drives…I’m so glad I did though! 249 more words


Doctors Help the War on Drugs

     The biggest allies on the War on Drugs are doctors. By experience, training, and education, they are well qualified to examine patients and recommend treatment. No other group is better trained. 205 more words

Goverment Collects Millions from Doctors and Manufacturers of Medication

Government collects millions fron doctors-where does it go?

    When a doctor gets investigated armed agents descend on the doctor’s office and house taking money and valuables with them.  92 more words

Operation Appreciation: Join the Red Cross in Saluting Those Who Sacrifice So Much

An often quoted survey conducted in 2010 by Blue Star Families, a national nonprofit network of military families, showed that 92 percent of military family members felt that the general public didn’t fully understand the sacrifices made by military men and women and their loved ones. 359 more words

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