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On the Red Eye back home

Just last month, I visited Mission Door headquarters in Denver CO for New Staff Orientation. Five of us from different parts of the country came together to meet the administration and learn the nuts and bolts of this awaiting occupation and what happens behind the scenes. 423 more words

Time to get it together

oH LOOK AT THAT,  seems like it’s Monday, You wake up and cant get rid of the feeling that all your insides are dry and dying. 328 more words

Why I Red Eye

The “Red Eye” flight is brutal. For the unaware, a red eye flight is one that leaves the West Coast late at night and arrives the next morning on the East Coast (for example, last night I left Portland, OR at 10:15p and arrived in Charlotte, NC at 6:05a). 332 more words

Brilliant idea! Greg Gutfeld to replace David Letterman? Howard Stern says 'yes'

Oh my! That’s genius!

Twitter users report that Howard Stern on Monday suggested Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ “The Five” and “Red Eye” replace the retiring David Letterman. 336 more words


10 annoying things about red-eye flights 

  1. When to do your make up – in the pitch dark of the moving car or the public of the airport?
  2. Panic – the “oh God oh God what have I forgotten?” panic is always worse at 5am.
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10 Things

What Kind of Coffee?

Another week is in the books. I was planning on writing about a lot of small cultural differences but that would take too long and many of them are trivial. 448 more words

Oh the humanity: This Andy Levy April Fools' Day suggestion goes too far!

Was the April Fools’ Day suggestion offered by Fox News’ Andy Levy haha-inducing or horrifying? You decide.

a great april fools prank would be if everyone deleted their twitter accounts and just lived their lives lol— …

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