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At ICTMN: "Meet Wiggle Tooth, Germany's Stereotypical Native of Hygiene"

” The fight against Native mascots, stereotypes and caricatures have made recent headlines around the world as Native Americans continue attempts to educate others against the usage and defense of demeaning and disrespectful imagery, and stop the practice. 49 more words

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Celebrating 4 Years at Smashwords: Free Books in July

Celebrating 4 years at Smashwords starting July 1st: we will offer selected free e-books for the entire month from our writer cooperative and multi-media entity: … 172 more words

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My Latest at ICTMN: Agreements Made on Humans Remains, Karl May Museum Must Follow-Through

One hopes they follow through in their agreement, as the Karl May Museum had sat on return requests for four years and done nothing. Hopefully, this time, if found to be of indigenous origin, the human remains will be returned to their descendants properly and respectfully, and returned to the earth. 189 more words

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