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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 リリースノート(日本語翻訳版)を読んでみた。

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 リリースノート


第2章 アーキテクチャー

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 は、以下のアーキテクチャー群のシングルキットとして利用できます [1]。
64-bit AMD
64-bit Intel
IBM System z…

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OpenCloud2014 slides: Linda Wang - Use Cases for Docker in Enterprise Linux Environment

Abstract:  Linux Container as a feature has been available for hobbyist usage for a while now; however, not only ’til recently where Docker, as a container deployment technolog, help built an open source community and gain wide adoption, has provided an easy way to deploy Linux Containers on the enterprise Linux. 40 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Automated deployment of RPM-packaged django applications with Red Hat Software Collections


There has been already two (first and second) guides which covered installing django using Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL). While very popular, none of them went far enough to show a real world deployment example. 1,151 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Regarding the Importance of Quality, Trust, and Certifications

Last Thursday’s post directed you to the Red Hat Blog where we underscored why the operating system remains vitally important.  In this related companion piece we’re reminded why quality, a chain of trust, and certifications are integral to enterprise-grade products.  43 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Operating System: Pervasive, Ubiquitous, and Critical

Applications, virtual machines, containers… what do they all have in common?  They each operate on top of the solid foundation that is the operating system.  In fact, in a world where the pace of technological change is unrelenting, where change is perhaps the only constant, there will… 23 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

YUM [Errno -3] Error performing checksum error.

The YUM “ Error performing checksum” error is generated when you are trying to install some Linux RPMs using YUM command. This Error message is stating clearly that it cannot perform the checksum and cannot continue with the installation. 136 more words


Apache Webserver Installation & Configuration.

This post will help you to install & configure Apache webserver in RHEL / CentOS.

Below are my machine’s details:

# cat /etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

# hostname 

# ifconfig eth0 | grep -w inet
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:… 479 more words