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Robin and Red Hood All But Confirmed for Batman: Arkham Knight

There’s no official confirmation as of yet, but based on a myriad of clues that have leaked online – or are on display right now at San Diego Comic-Con – we can almost be guaranteed that Robin and Red Hood will both be appearing in next year’s… 199 more words


The Red Hood Will be Playable in "Batman: Arkham Knight" DLC

Every iteration of the Arkham series has gotten exclusive DLC with a Gamestop pre-order and “Batman: Arkham Knight” is no different. The star of this DLC will be none other than Jason Todd, the Red Hood. 140 more words


The Bat-family Grows in Batman: Arkham Knight

It was already revealed that Harley Quinn would be playable in a DLC story for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight. Now Gamestop has revealed that it will be offering a Red Hood DLC pre-order bonus. 52 more words


Red Hood announced as DLC for 'Arkham Knight'

The Red Hood (Jason Todd) will playable as a pre-order bonus for the next ‘Arkham’ game along with the previously announced Harley Quinn DLC.  The character really made an impression on people (especially after the incredible animated movie ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’).  21 more words


Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Leaked!

Ayer Game Stop Dio una pista de algo nuevo que venia…..


Gamestop: Batman Arkham Knight - Red Hood Pre-Order Content

If you pre-order, Batman Arkham Knight from Gamestop, you will have access to the exclusive Red Hood Story pack.  Click the image below to pre-order the game: 13 more words


This Week in Geek News (07/23/14)

This Week in Geek News:

5. Marvel Assures Panicking Fans that the Films Will Remain Unchanged

Last week, Marvel announced that not only would the next Captain America would be none other than Scott Wilson, their oldest African-American superhero, Falcon, but the next incarnation of Thor would be a lady. 528 more words