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7 Tips for No-Strings Sex

For many men, scoring no-strings sex with a hot girl is the pinnacle of game. The hotter the girl and the easier the sex, the better. 1,340 more words


Most Women Don't Deserve A Good Man

Jennifer was the 22-year-old bartender at my favorite local pub back home. She was friendly enough and we had a good rapport. We often would share stories of embarrassing or debaucherous nights, past and present. 1,571 more words

Quick Blog Update

It is now Holy Week, and any blogging that I engage in will probably be religiously focused. After Easter I will hopefully have a post or two along “Red Pill” lines. 174 more words

Red Pill

The Matrix Phone Booth

The Matrix Phone Booth


Some ‘truthers’ don’t like to hear the truth

Even if they claim to be a 9/11 sleuth

That’s why I’m stuck here in this smelly matrix phone booth… 227 more words


I'M BACK- With old excuses and new ideas

I really don’t have any good excuses as to why I haven’t posted ALL YEAR. With the busyness of a job plus being half-arsed farmer, time just flies. 836 more words

Grinding Away

Conspiracy Theories Are Wrecking the Manosphere

Earlier, I spent an hour or so in the sunshine watching the London marathon. The route goes down my local high street. Seeing runners of all colours and nationalities (including elite British athlete Mo Farrah) go past, and the crowds of people  there to cheer them on, including a young black child on his father’s shoulders, his hand outstretched to high-five the passing competitors, was an oddly moving experience. 670 more words


Take the Red Pill - Part 1 (Title Shamelessly Ripped From "The Matrix")

Do you ever have recurring dreams?

When I was younger I had the dream of falling and waking up in my bed before I hit the ground, still feeling the sensation of falling. 1,094 more words