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Red Queen - HEXEnART

Cosplayer: HEXEnART
Character: Red Queen
From: Alice in Wonderland


Closing Up the Rabbit Hole: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s Cancellation

Though I write here primarily as a film contributor, I am also an avid television watcher. It’s with a flush of embarrassment that I admit sometimes I only remember what day of the week it is based upon what TV show I watched the night before. 1,506 more words


04/04/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs

04/04/2014 Top 3 Pick; Beyond The Wall

Are you ready for the premiere this Sunday? I am!!! Here we have Jon and Ghost manning the wall with the Night’s Watch. 248 more words

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland - And They Lived... (Series Finale)

With the laws of magic officially changed Jafar wields enough power to do what he wishes, But Amara also has this same power and she intends to save her son’s life. 581 more words



I, the beautiful, intelligent, ruthless, magnificent Red Queen, am accepting applications for new servants. And…NO you may not see more photos of Me.  Only those trainees I choose will be allowed the pleasure of seeing more of me…then they will avert their eyes to the ground because they are not worthy of viewing my beauty. 612 more words

Red Queen

Off with your head over Croquet????

Need to learn to Play Croquet for upcoming match with the Red Queen, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter??? Want to know the official rules playing with a mallet rather than a flamingo?!. 13 more words

29/3/14: Clockwork queen



The Queen of Hearts lies dead

Or sleeping:

Her lips dribble lies.

Like eggs

They broke us open

And ate our soft cores,

Filled us with their… 22 more words