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2014 Project 365, Day 316: The Blacklist Season 1 DVD Box Set

Photo #316: November 12

“The Blacklist” is currently one of my favorite series, so I just had to join this contest from AXN Asia and I won! 156 more words

The Blacklist 02×07 ‘The Scimitar’: “Berlin’s daughter is alive”

When an Iranian nuclear scientist is suspiciously killed, a plot is set to killed an American high up in the ranks of national defense. Reddington informs agents Keen  and Navabi  that a dangerous  hitman “The Scimitar” has been sent to do the job. 24 more words


The Blacklist Fall Finale Recap: Berlin's Walls Come Down

Thus far in the show’s sophomore season, each name on The Blacklist has been more intrinsically linked to Liz and Red than the name that preceded it. 1,035 more words


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Attention Blacklisters! The following is a recap of 'The Blacklist' 2.08 - "The Decembrist" courtesy of TV|Line:

Optics: 'The Blacklist' Fall Finale - Tom Keen was Working for Red All Along?!! - Nov 10 2014

Attention ‘Blacklisters’! By now, those of us on the East Coast have completed watching the live airing of the fall finale, ‘The Decembrist.’ 315 more words


Reconvo: The Blacklist S2 Ep. 7 The Scimitar


Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

Our story takes some unexpected turns this week. Some surprising reveals, interesting twists, and some nice visuals to go along with it all. 4,614 more words

TV Show Recaps

Reconvo: The Blacklist S2 Ep. 6 Mombasa Cartel


Veruca Salt and L.T.Milroy

In this week’s Blacklist, we deal quite extensively with the moral code of Red. Those who thought he doesn’t have morals, or that he doesn’t value anything, were mistaken. 4,845 more words

TV Show Recaps