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A Killer Red Riding Hood

When we are young we only see the simplicity and the happy endings most fairytales have. As we mature, it is noticeable how most of these fairytales aren’t the “cookie cutter perfection” that most us thought they were. 155 more words


The Wolf

The wolf was following. She was sure of that. How close she couldn’t tell, instead she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other, snow greedily swallowing each step. 1,445 more words


Tales and Tails, part 4: Pack of Wolves

Buck crouched just behind the crest of the hill, hidden in the foliage from the camp below. While there was no moonlight, the myriad of bonfires and torches from the encampment provided ample lighting for his watch. 1,224 more words

Tales And Tails

Update: Mini Glue Book Round Robin 2014

While the wheels of the world have been turning, I have been busy creating on several different fronts and documenting has taken a back seat. 257 more words


Little Red Riding Hood Art: Journey to Grandmother

Little Red Riding Hood carries a basket of goodies to her grandmother’s house.

Prints are HERE

New Artwork

Tales and Tails, part 3: Little Red

Buck returned to the forest to find Theodore wrapping the woman’s feet in bandages while she fed a carrot to the horses. She started at his approach, still tense from her run-in with the brutish warrior. 588 more words

Tales And Tails

Riding Hood and the wolf

She’s technically wearing the skin but it may or may not still be slightly sentient.