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A Down Home, Appalachian Christmas


If you’re in the Natural Bridge/ Red River Gorge area this weekend stop by and join the fun.  A Down Home, Appalachian Christmas is packed with a full day of events.   23 more words


Frozen: Remote Places and Cold Spaces

“Let it go!  The cold never bothered me anyway!!!”

My friend Elizabeth and I sang along with Idina Menzel at the top of our lungs from our rent-a-car, feeling like teenage girls about to go out on the town. 1,020 more words

Kentucky Adventure Tours Edition

We took our traditional day-after-Thanksgiving hike in the Red River Gorge area on Friday. As we were hiking back to the car, we ran into Kirk & Kevin. 53 more words


NaNoWriMo Fail... or is it?

Oh November, you cruel mistress. Teasing me with just how easy 50,000 words should flow from my fingertips, and then hitting me with one distraction after another. 1,042 more words


Hiking at Raven's Rock.

Hey there, my names Tom Aguero and I normally blog over at Queen City Drinks talking about all things beer, especially local Cincinnati beer. I’ve been hiking longer than I’ve been drinking and my very first blog was about hiking around Cincinnati. 1,380 more words


Crazy Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life and what I want out of it. Am I happy where I am? Am I happy with what I am doing? 487 more words

Autumn in the Country

“All the signs of the autumn came, the heavy plush-like asters, buckberries and frostflowers, everlasting and chicory–all the last tokens of the living year. The mockingbird would sing a few notes, reminiscent of spring after the quiet of the late summer, and on moonlight nights the cocks would crow all night long. 157 more words