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One has to face fear or forever run from it. – Hawk, Crow

On This Date in Native American History

August 21, 1861: Cherokee Principal Chief John Ross spoke to his people about remaining neutral with both sides in the American Civil War: “While ready and willing to defend our firesides, let us not make war wantonly against the authority of the United or Confederate States, but avoid a conflict with either, and remain strictly on our own soil.” 11 more words

Lizard - Medicine Wheel Stone Number 42

Renew the tarnished aspects of your life. Regenerate by releasing your ego or see the ego in others. Be agile while making these transformations. Tap into the doorways of the dream, spirit and astral realms. 71 more words

It is in peace only that our women and children can enjoy happiness, and increase in numbers. – Chief John Ross, Cherokee, 1790-1866

On This Date In Native American History… 83 more words

Opossum - Medicine Wheel Stone Number 10

Stop playing dead. Look into your heart to find your own truth, your capabilities, strengths and true self. So many people never use those gifts from the Creator. 68 more words

My father, you see us as we are. We are poor. We have but a few blankets and little clothing. The great father who made us and gave us this land to live upon, made the buffalo and other game to afford us sustenance; their meat is our only food; with their skins we clothe ourselves and build our lodges. 64 more words

Fox - Medicine Wheel Stone Number 27

Allow your true colors to come out so people can see the magic within you. Throw caution to the wind, get out of an old rut and bring magic back into your life. 67 more words

I will be at the show with Dr. Stec. No postings Fri, Aug 22 - Tues, Aug 26

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. L. M. Bluehawks Stec is a Hypnotherapist/Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, Reiki Master/Master Teacher, Spiritual Reader, Channeler, and Healer. Many near-death experiences have enhanced his abilities as a spiritual counselor, spiritual revivalist, and medium. 99 more words