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Thailand: Opposition Leader Given Jail Term for Insulting Ex-PM in 2009

The Associated Press

BANGKOK — A top leader of Thailand’s “Red Shirt” political movement was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail for insulting a former prime minister, the latest blow to the supporters of another ex-prime minister, billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra. 237 more words

Pirate Joke

As the Pirate ship approached the fearsome ship, the captain told his aide, “Get me my red shirt!”  He fought fearlessly in his red shirt, winning the day. 46 more words


The Lost Cape

My writing assignment:

Write a letter to a friend that describes something you lost and how you
found it. List all the places you looked and all the people you questioned. 116 more words


Yippee Ki-Yay...

Or: so many things. Unwrap at will.

Tank v Talbuk

Thank heavens for practical friends…one friend who explained to me why the Nagrand tank is far and away a superior choice to the Telaari Talbuk. 764 more words