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Boston Manager Puts Kiss of Death on Jon Lester


Red Sox Dudley Do-Right John Farrell put his own version of the kiss of death on Jon Lester.

What did the Sox manager say and how did he say it? 164 more words

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Boston Peace Talks with Lester & Ramirez To Start

DATELINE: 2015 Red Sox Turmoil

The Red Sox have signed their biggest tandem of hitters since Dick Stuart and Roman Mejias in 1962. And, we all know how that turned out. 240 more words

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Sox Sign Another Ramirez Again

DATELINE: Hannywood, Not Mannywood

The Red Sox can’t help themselves.

They have an organizational addiction. It may be an indication of unfinished business, or simple lack of control. 236 more words

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Panda and Babe: Bookends of a Century


The Torch May Be Passed!  photo Matt Slocum, AP

Talk has grown in Boston that the Sox ownership will soon be singing, “Yes, yes, Nanette,” trying to undo the wrong of 100 years ago when Babe Ruth went to the Yankees for a song. 237 more words

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Arrogance Knows No Politics

Celtics Players Undressed for Rondo’s Annual Slumber Party


We are amused by liberal arrogance and conservative hubris. We aren’t sure if there’s a dime’s worth of difference between them. 217 more words

Canseco’s Finger in Your Face


Jose Canseco, former baseball starlet, wants to give you the finger: yes, that finger.

Fans of hunting may recall that last month the quondam Red Sox home run steroid expert shot off his middle finger whilst cleaning a gun. 232 more words

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David Ortiz Has Breakfast at Tiffany’s


David Ortiz is a dupe.

Perhaps it is his accent that makes a vowel split the difference between dupe and dope. Only after he paid cash, his hard earned contract extension money, did he fork over a few bucks to have his gemstones appraised. 258 more words

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