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Bingo Long Meets the Boston Captains of Success



Red Sox manager Dudley Do-Right John Farrell spoke after the last game of a horrible season (but still not as horrific as 2012) and said it was time to “put the season to bed.” 259 more words

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Back on April 1st of this year I published a post, From first to worst. In that post I wrote:

This is an unmitigated disaster.

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Future Virginia stars....Reed Gragnani

Over the last 10 years or so, the Commonwealth of Virginia has become a real goldmine of baseball talent. It used to be football, but baseball is emerging. 287 more words

Red Sox Sink with the Season


We looked at the Red Sox standings today. They are now 23 and a half games out of first place. We knew it was bad, but this is a condition more for the morgue than for triage. 220 more words

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Watch What This Kid Does When He Gets A Baseball At A Game!

You’ve see the videos when a player gives a kid a baseball at a game. It’s always sweet, but that’s about it. Well this kid got a ball and you won’t believe what he did with it! 13 more words


Comatose Red Sox Fans Need to Know


You mean the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees in September and nobody cares?

You mean that Jacoby Ellsbury this season does not look like Johnny Damon in pinstripes? 236 more words

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Red Sox Wander In Twilight Zone of 2014



The Red Sox, bad as the baddest teams they have fielded this century, now has entered the Twilight Zone.

We are not at all surprised that David Ortiz now feels entitled to complain about how bad it is to play for a last-place, cellar-dwelling team. 267 more words

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