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What Is a Women’s Circle Anyway?

You will be teachers for each other. You will come together in circles and speak your truth to each other. The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet. 

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Women's Circle

My baby, Tyler Perry, My niece, Red Tent/BLOG

Hey Yall!!

Today is Saturday, and I decided to drop in before I head out to help my daughter get dressed for her Job Fund Raiser at the Charles Wright Museum.She works with a lot of  Famous Community Leaders, it would be fun for me, but its work for her. 381 more words

 Releasing the fire within. A story.

artwork by Ronnie Bicard.

She knew only too well that her own spirit was twinned with the spirit of the island on which they all lived. 2,637 more words

Feminine Power

Leaving the tent

Most people have forgotten her name. Only those that have read the Bible, know her story, the little of it that the authors of the Torah deign to tell us about. 696 more words


Reaching for the Moon

“I cannot wait to start my periods mummy!” Declared my nine year old last month on our way home from her first visit to the Red Tent. 463 more words


Seeing red – going with the flow

by Ayla Mellani, The Happy Womb

I have developed a fascination with red tents since researching my book Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle… 1,550 more words

Red Tent

Passage: A Day of Ritual for Women

With Mikki Baloy


An act or instance of moving from one place, condition, or state to another; transit.

The permission, right, or freedom to do so. 860 more words