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A red tent experience

Last week I attended a Red Tent. A Red Tent is a sacred women’s circle, traditionally held at the New Moon (Dark Moon) when most women menstruate. 509 more words

Women's Business

Red Tent Reality

On March 15th, twenty-three culturally-diverse women, representing every decade of life from their teens to their seventies, honored the call from deep within themselves to gather in York, Pennsylvania’s first Red Tent.   1,194 more words


Self Care and the Red Tent

Every first Saturday of the month one of my favorite girlfriends is gracious enough to host the Red Tent. Every Red Tent is a little different, but the reason behind it is always the same: connecting with other women in your community, forming a support group based on love and compassion, and self care for you and your fellow women.   587 more words

"She Holds the Universe in Her Womb"

I made this piece on the last full moon in March. I was attending an event online called, “Raising the Red Tent: Honoring the Divine Feminine”. 93 more words


On growing older and enjoying the end results

When I was thirteen I started shaving my arms because I read in an article that models did so that their skin looked smoother. I had been shaving my arms (and the rest of my entire body) ever since, until recently when I decided to let my body be as natural as it could be and stopped shaving other than my armpits and occasionally my legs. 293 more words

Moon Lodge

A special project.

A while ago I was asked by a friend to make a special pillow for her. She lives in England, and was starting a Red Tent… 117 more words

Guest Post on The Vagabond Studio

I guest posted on The Vagabond Studio yesterday, and talked about Red Tents and sisterhood! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!