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My New Nintendo Red Tent

I bought this from NerdyGrrl, a fellow collector out in western Massachusetts. 

In order to get in down from the second floor and to fit it into my wife’s Prius it had to be taken apart completely.  379 more words


Refill The Well: A Red Tent Event

“Refill the Well” was the focus of the 2nd Red Tent Event that I held in York Pennsylvania this past June.  Women, across several generations, came together to experience techniques & share their wisdom regarding ways to take care of ourselves so we have more to give– refilling our wells.   501 more words


How to Meditate in a Red Tent

by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD

When was the last time you listened-really, really listened-to something deeper than the surface of your life? Meditation isn’t only for those with special training: it’s something anyone can do. 84 more words

Red Tent

I am so stressed out...How the Red Tent can help!

Women’s lives in a complex world are often stressful. How many of us can relate to feeling so overloaded we just can’t take one more thing? 85 more words

Red Tent

Trusting Menstrual Widsom = Trusting Rest

Maybe if menstruation wasn’t so hidden in our culture, resting wouldn’t seem like such a radical thing to do. #trustrest #redtent


As Tweeted by me today.

Wake Up

Each morning is another opportunity to make a difference. It is the small acts of kindness that can have a dramatic impact on another persons life. 70 more words


Mom's Uncensored: The Red Tent!

What we women do when we get together every first Saturday of the month, why it’s important to tribe, and what the Red Tent movement is all about!