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Donating on a Tight Budget

By: Ms. J

Donations and Budgets might not seem as if they fall in the same sentence, however with pre-planning you can be as charitable as you can afford to be. 232 more words


Don’t let your crisis communication plan malfunction like this year's Olympic rings

When it comes to crises in companies or organizations, many effective tactics used by PR professionals to mitigate the potential for negative publicity. Here are some important things to keep in mind that will help any company salvage their reputation and keep their publics on board. 534 more words


It’s not that bad.

So I finally received my email from the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) volunteer service after applying for an interview and filling out all of the forms they handed out. 474 more words


Learning to Connect

Before embarking on this distinctive episode of collecting memories, I had already planned to blog about it. Indeed I went about this journey with the nagging thought at the back of my head, chanting that I must take note of the details, my emotions and whatever is necessary to write about. 386 more words


But what can I do?

I believe most people migrate through their day using a sort of tunnel vision. We have so much going on– work, school, kids, bills, meals, and so on. 588 more words