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Empires and Gods

If you’ve been following me recently, you know that I’ve been trying to write a little as I read through the book of Isaiah. I want to deal briefly with the oracles of chapters 14-23 as a whole, then come back later to hit some specific points. 380 more words

Redeeming The Culture

The Walking Dead

This is probably going to seem an odd post coming from me, and as such, I will keep it brief. In an effort to find something to watch on Netflix that even resembles a good story, I finally gave in to calls of the masses to try The Walking Dead. 382 more words

Redeeming The Culture

Immature Leadership, Foolish Counselors, Class Envy, and Superficial Beauty

What does it look like when God judges a nation? I know, I know…we don’t like to think about such things. The LORD coming in the clouds to bring judgment upon a people-┬áthat┬átends to produce a real clarity to the lines we have been working hard with our tolerance erasers to smudge. 404 more words

Redeeming The Culture