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A Response to Grace on Faith, Jesus & Salvation


Allow me to make reference to the Old Testament and sin offering. A sinner would go to the Jewish priest with a lamb without blemish. 840 more words


When Shame is (Kind of) A Good Thing

[T]he man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” Gen. 2:25, ESV

Shame wasn’t part of the original story.

In fact, shame and Eden were the farthest thing away from one another. 768 more words

Runaway/ Rescue the Falcon

I remember being a teenager and getting so overwhelmed with anxiety that I had mapped out my route to runaway from home.  It wasn’t complicated.  I was going to go to my Grandmother’s house.   1,452 more words

His Living Canvas So Far: Teri Parker Lewis

How do you share a story without words? Here is our first attempt: Teri’s testimony, in two minutes, improvised – a story of God, woundedness, redemption and healing. 24 more words


Dear Alice

Dear Alice,

Did you cry

When you fell down the rabbit hole?

Did you scrape your knees and stain your dress

Worried that perhaps it may never come out again? 151 more words

Poems And Such

Open My Eyes

The moment right before I wake is my favorite part of the day. No phone calls to make, emails to respond to. There are no little ones clamoring for my attention or breakfast to be made or bills to pay or laundry to fold. 435 more words


The Warden and the Wolf King Book Review - Part 3

I wrote about Leeli yesterday. But, today I want to finish with three truths I took away from the story. These may not be the messages that Andrew intended, but they are messages I took away from this wonderful story. 1,156 more words

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