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Cash Back Bonus

Judy S, St. Mary’s, OH:

I love it! When I get enough I have them apply it to my account and that’s money I don’t have to pay on my bill. :)


Divorced at 70 years old

Millie C, Dublin, OH:

I’m recently divorced and my marital home has not sold yet, so I haven’t received my portion of the divorce decree. So the extra cashback bonus really helps when I’m running low on funds.

Thank You!


new eyes.....

“The redeeming thing about exile is that when your “old world” has vanished you are suddenly given the chance to experience another. At the very moment when you lose everything, you gain something else: new eyes.”

Junot Diaz

"The gospel and envy" by Jonathan Edwards

“The gospel scheme, all of it from beginning to end, tends to the contrary of this spirit of envy. The Christian form of doctrine doth abundantly hold forth those things which militate against a spirit of envy. 322 more words

Quotable Quotes

Jesus Reigns

Ask me how I got here and I will tell you what I know.

Jesus is my source and he required me to grow.

He pulled me out of my hurt. 110 more words


The Narrow Way

We are home! We have all four of our little birds in one nest now. It feels good…most of the time.

This is a beautiful process, and as one of my friends, Heather Jacobs, so aptly put it: 369 more words


I am Charissa Grace for a reason...

Good morning Constance…rather than excerpt, I am reposting this article in its entirety…some of the ads that were on the site where it was had potential to be offensive to some?   1,098 more words