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I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

         “I am not ashamed of the name of Christ” was one of the sermons I preached during the past summer months in Croatia and Serbia. I had the joy of preaching at six churches: a house church in Belgrade, International Christian Fellowship Church in Belgrade, Pentecostal Church in Pancevo in Serbia, and three Baptist churches in Croatia – in Malesnica, Zagreb and in Rijeka and Karlovac. 56 more words

Jesus Christ

Our Story

In the beginning, God.
Before time, there was Existence.
Before matter, there was Spirit.
Before biology, there was Life.
Before humanity, there was Community. 319 more words


You Pay at the End … Unless

(picture by Joanne Shennan – used with permission)

You Pay at the End … Unless

I took my daughter to drop off her cat for grooming at a grooming facility. 424 more words

Ruin and Redemption

Is there another who surpasses me?
My wretchedness appears to know no end
For countless times, I’ve left what’s truly free
And crucify again my one true Friend… 86 more words


When the Boat Rolls

Humility is beautiful…at a distance. Redemption is desirable…when you aren’t the one paying. A laid-down life is lovely…when it’s someone else’s sacrifice.

But when it is you…ah, well, before the beauty, is the beast.  382 more words


The Glorious Paradox

There is resurrection life, but you have to die first.  Life from death?  What a baffling statement.  Yet I think we know it to be true. 517 more words

How Could A Holy God....

How could a Holy God,
Whose glory we extol;
Forgive and justify the lost,
Rescue and make us whole?
For sins against His law,
Cannot unpunished go; 153 more words