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Ring to Redemption

Voice I:

Defining relationships based on dysfunctions and idiosyncrasies

Wanting to almost seem perfect in someone else’s eyes

(ALL) “Ring around the rosy”

I play along to the almost innate pattern of debilitating circumstances… 296 more words


Agents of Grace

One of the books I’m reading through is Captive to the Word of God by Miroslav Volf. The author offers reflects on how scripture forms the theological mind so that belief and practice remain conjoined and interwoven. 658 more words


Rescued, Transformed and Delivered

The Apostle Paul is one of the most admired Biblical personalities in the entire New Testament. He authored the majority of the N.T.’s twenty-seven books and was the driving force behind some very prolific missionary journeys and spiritual exploits. 1,147 more words

Book Of Acts

Did You Know?

Did you know that God will take your sorrows and turn them to joy? Did you know that nothing you have ever experienced is useless? Did you know, that God will use any situation in your life and turn it around for your good? 55 more words

Developing A Pure Heart

What One Drop Can Do

Water is powerful. We all know that.

It’s an instrument of life and of death — at the same time a basic necessity and an imposing threat. 850 more words


Remember What Innocence Felt Like?

We are born innocent. As we grow older we lose that innocence through self-consciousness, material bondage, and from all earthly desires and forces (Satan) that distract us from our relationship with God. 158 more words



I need this faith,
I need this strength,
To take me to a better place,

I need this passion,
I need the desire,
To turn into smoke and float away from the fire.