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100 Happy Days Project Day 77: Sebuah Ketetapan Yang Indah

Sekadar perkongsian bersama. Semoga mendapat manfaat dan kebaikan dariNya.

Allah tidak pernah mencabut sesuatu dari kita kecuali Dia menggantikannya dengan yang lebih baik. Tetapi, itu adalah apabila kita bersabar dan tetap redha dengan segala ketetapannya. 265 more words


100 Happy Days Project Day 76: Life Is Full Of Hopes and Dreams

Every moment has its pleasures and its hope. In this special moment, I hope and pray that everyone in this world will live happily ever after and may our lives always be filled with love and kindness. 45 more words

The Way Life Is

Of Patience, Redha & Believing

Good things come to those who wait. I truly believe this.

In many instances, this have happened to me. But more importantly, I believe that once you’ve left your decisionĀ in the hands of God, trust that He will deliver. 365 more words



Catching up with my girlfriends over our group Whatsapp, I realized something that shocked me. 2 of my girlfriend’s dads are suffering from stroke. I would never wish or hope for that to happen to anyone or their family. 277 more words