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Thrive or Keep Suffering. Your Choice!

For some time now I’ve contemplated writing about my favorite source of all time on people skills, Dale Carnegie’s classic How To Win Friends and Influence People.  799 more words


how amazing, this life

It’s amazing, this life. Part of me is waiting for the shoe to drop, for things to fall apart again. But the rest of me remembers that, at it’s worst, I survived. 262 more words


The blog has moved

Dear fellow readers,

The blog has now moved to another domain, with a better design.


The official recyclednetlabel page, recyclednetlabel.net, is still under construction, but my sub-domain (Re-Drum) is now fully finished and Live. 8 more words


Any Port In A Storm ... Ports, Firewalls, and Forwarding.

If you’ve ever set up an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, or on a smartphone, you may have been asked, among other things, for a port number.   851 more words


Hi, Remember me?


I have been definitely incommunicado for a long time. Life takes twists and turns that one does not expect. Even if you somewhat expect the new direction, the daily living out of the change can be overwhelming. 200 more words

O Canada

Benefits of Positive Talk

Don’t jump on that = What about on this? + This? + This? + This?

Feet on the floor = (silence) 709 more words


Stopping Redirection From google.com to google.co.in (Stopping Location based google)

Step1: Open the browser , type http://www.google.com/ncr

NCR stands for “No Country Redirect”

Now you can browse normally . you can see only http://www.google.com , it won’t redirect to location based google like http://www.google.co.in